Sunday, May 2, 2010

SJC Edison Top 16 comments

SJC Edison has ended and the top 16 decks was actually surprising to me. There is only 1 Blackwings deck but there are 4 Lightsworns deck (including variants). GBs, Gadgets and Synchro Cat contributed 2 and there was 1 Flamvell Synchro and a Gravekeeper Burn deck. There were 3 Quickdraw Dandywarrior (Quick D) decks and the deck was the eventual winner. The Cat and Gadet decks in the 4 top decks that were not Quick D both used Doomcaliber Knights. I'm surprised consistent decks like Blackwings and Gadgets didn't make up a bigger number but those I considered slightly less consistent because of the use of Ryko to make up the bigger percentage of the top 16.

It appears I am wrong; Ryko is a very popular card now and even the loss of milling key spells and traps can be overcome in matches. I think perhaps the advantage generated by Quick D overcomes that problem better, hence they can rely on it for milling better than Lightsworns. Any deck using Ryko most likely also used Hamster, making Nobleman of Crossout good sidedeck choices now. I also didn't think Cat will be as good again but I may probably give it another go with a Rai-oh version of Billy Brake's Caliber Cat! The Cat decks now only use Airbellums and Ryko for Rescue Cat targets now.

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Favourite Match, Billy Brake's Caliber Cat VS Jeff Jones' winning Quick D:

(Billy Brake commented that Jeff Jones' deck was the better one! Notable play was reviving an effect-negated Card Trooper with Debris and using the milling as a cost)

I think Quick D will get even better with Junk Destroyer. Another interesting fact of the deck is that it can only summon Dragon-type and Synchron-type Synchros with its tuner monsters! I wonder if this deck will remain top and cause Dandylion to return to limited status in the next banlist?