Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hearthstone: Warsong Commander Balance Change (Update with another post-nerf Patron Warrior deck)

It seems really long since we had one of this, the last nerf I remembered being for Undertaker if I'm not mistaken. I personally quite like Patron Warrior as I love combo decks but this pretty much spells the end of the deck. I've seen Patron Warrior win by controlling the board with just a lot of Patrons but it will be very susceptible to board clears. I wonder if there will be any adaptation possible to keep Patron Warrior as a deck.

The other effect of the nerf is that we lost a powerful and relatively cheap deck for clearing Warrior quests. Some of the alternatives will be OTK Warrior involving Raging Worgen ( or Ostkaka's new Charge Warrior: Hearthstone Subreddit link

Update: Surrender, a Hearthstone player from Korea, is playing this new version of Patron Warrior as reported by Hearthstone Top decks:

Update#2: Xixo with another post-nerf Patron Warrior deck:, the main changes was no Emperor Thaurissan which I agree as it's less of a combo deck but more midrange now and opting to use 2 Frothing Berseker which is still a powerful card that requires answering immediately when put on board.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Halloween Gacha Card review

I created a thread over at the Puzzle and Dragons Forum and all the card/lineup information, as well as GameWith and Game8 card rating links are found there:

Here's my thoughts on the Halloween-themed cards in this gacha which has a really stacked lineup due to the addition of Archdemon Pantheon, Wizards, Fairy Tale series as well as Summer Event Gold egg Chibis:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's PAD Academy returns (Updated with Game8 & GameWith card rating links)

No much changes to the Gacha cards other than the buffs to Academy Lucifer and GAthena: It improves their leader skill but doesn't make them that much better by a lot. In particular, if GAthena's active skill usage was to boost attack instead of rcv, it will have been so much better.

This was what I wrote the previous time the event came around: I don't think much has changed since then. I noticed I didn't write much about Academy Lucifer last time and he is hardly seen other than in the previous Japan Dark Izanami Cup Beta Ranking Dungeon where players used him or his normal dark counterpart as a sub to use the active skill nuke to gain faster clears. (Note that using nukes in the upcoming Cauchemar Cup Beta Ranking dungeon will reduce score)

Game8 card ratings:
GameWith card ratings: http://パズドラ