Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hearthstone: Warsong Commander Balance Change (Update with another post-nerf Patron Warrior deck)

It seems really long since we had one of this, the last nerf I remembered being for Undertaker if I'm not mistaken. I personally quite like Patron Warrior as I love combo decks but this pretty much spells the end of the deck. I've seen Patron Warrior win by controlling the board with just a lot of Patrons but it will be very susceptible to board clears. I wonder if there will be any adaptation possible to keep Patron Warrior as a deck.

The other effect of the nerf is that we lost a powerful and relatively cheap deck for clearing Warrior quests. Some of the alternatives will be OTK Warrior involving Raging Worgen ( or Ostkaka's new Charge Warrior: Hearthstone Subreddit link

Update: Surrender, a Hearthstone player from Korea, is playing this new version of Patron Warrior as reported by Hearthstone Top decks:

Update#2: Xixo with another post-nerf Patron Warrior deck:, the main changes was no Emperor Thaurissan which I agree as it's less of a combo deck but more midrange now and opting to use 2 Frothing Berseker which is still a powerful card that requires answering immediately when put on board.