Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hearthstone for iPad and Yomi, a fighting game in card form, out now (contains Hearthstone iPad impressions)

I've been busy with stuff other than games so I prefer games which do not have a "core" timer that you have to check in at fixed times to play; daily, weekly and monthly events which you have to finish or get left behind. Update: Hearthstone do have daily quests.

2 game releases caught my eye this week and coincidentally, they are both for iPad. Hearthstone is free and also on PC and Mac. Check out my impressions in a post here. I've downloaded and if I get down to playing it more, I'll write more posts about it. Note: iPhone and Android versions of Hearthstone are supposedly coming at the later half of this year.
Update: The presentation is very polished and the game seems to be made more for tablets than computers. The only problem I have is that I keep getting disconnected after minimising the game or turning off my iPad screen. It doesn't make for a very good mobile experience.

Yomi is USD$9.99, including 10 decks, with an IAP of USD$9.99 to unlock an additional 10 decks but note that this game is more like a "board game" (I heard there is a physical version) then a collectible card game so you do not have to buy more packs to build your deck. You might probably be spending less than in a game like DMC... I like the idea of combining a fighting game with card game mechanics but the price is a bit high for me. There are just so many free and cheaper games to try now.

iTunes App Store link:


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last Day in the Zombie Apocalypse: Underwhelmed by the latest Update

- I find the choices of 5* at the Casino to be questionable. They were mostly mythical beings instead of well-known figures like Lincoln and Yang Guifei in the initial batch. It is not like the developers have run out of ideas when there are actually Sun Wukong and William Shakespeare as 4* and 4+* when they should be prime choices as 5* IMO. They are also not that much powerful in stats unlike Joan and Moby. I'm guessing those will belong to new additions for each hunting ground.

- I've updated the new casters of the zombie skills to my post on the Zombie Traits. There are no new skills; new skills will likely be posted in the information banner at the start to introduce them.

- I spent the saved free Elite hunting and caught 7 3*. No surprise here with the drop-rates. As mention in my previous post, there are no vulnerable or yellow time extension zombies here and you have to rely on the slot machine which can end up as a double-edge sword.

- The daily events are actually limited events modelled after Clan events more than other games' daily event style. However, you do not get to save your current quests which is peculiar. I guess they are aimed at players who completed all the existing quests. I was reading the forums and it seems like the hunt quests drop-rates could have been tweaked to raise difficulty. The rewards as of the first 2 are not attractive.

- I think we are going to be seeing a single limited card Boneyard and no skill thumb-drives for a while.

It is now the last day of the second month of DC. The game is getting repetitive for me and the updates are not enticing enough. I intend to take a break for a while so I will stop updating stuff on DC. Hope everything I've written so far has been helpful.