Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hearthstone for iPad and Yomi, a fighting game in card form, out now (contains Hearthstone iPad impressions)

I've been busy with stuff other than games so I prefer games which do not have a "core" timer that you have to check in at fixed times to play; daily, weekly and monthly events which you have to finish or get left behind. Update: Hearthstone do have daily quests.

2 game releases caught my eye this week and coincidentally, they are both for iPad. Hearthstone is free and also on PC and Mac. Check out my impressions in a post here. I've downloaded and if I get down to playing it more, I'll write more posts about it. Note: iPhone and Android versions of Hearthstone are supposedly coming at the later half of this year.
Update: The presentation is very polished and the game seems to be made more for tablets than computers. The only problem I have is that I keep getting disconnected after minimising the game or turning off my iPad screen. It doesn't make for a very good mobile experience.

Yomi is USD$9.99, including 10 decks, with an IAP of USD$9.99 to unlock an additional 10 decks but note that this game is more like a "board game" (I heard there is a physical version) then a collectible card game so you do not have to buy more packs to build your deck. You might probably be spending less than in a game like DMC... I like the idea of combining a fighting game with card game mechanics but the price is a bit high for me. There are just so many free and cheaper games to try now.

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