Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (01/31/2017~02/02/2017) rolls

I all in my free stones for day 2 hopping to get a Dark Kali...

Day 1

Sea Serpent

Sold for MP. The horrible luck from previous Godfest continues...

Day 2

Rei Sirius

Sold for MP.

Fire Dragon Swordsman

Sold for MP.

Dark Dragon Swordsman

Sold for MP.

Gremory! (3rd copy)

There's not much use for a 3rd copy until her split evolutions come later but I'm keeping her anyway.
Gremory team subs are now: Yomi Dragon/APanda/Gremory/Gremory. The team does have a lack of Skill boosts so I'm definitely keeping APanda in the team. 2 of Gremory's actives can actually function as a "board change" but I have Ishida inherited on the leader Gremory, just in case.


Sold for MP.


Sold for MP.

Loki! (1st copy)

Not seen much nowadays. His awoken form does have 2 SBR and 2 TPA which can be useful on Dark Athena. Hopefully the reincarnate evolutions improves his usage further.

Snow White

Similar to Thumbelina but will be an on-colour inherit for Blue Miru and will provide stat boosts. Keeping her around for the moment.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Shonen Sunday Collab (3rd) rolls

Ranma was introduced in this latest return of the collab and while I watched that anime when young, I'm not going to roll a lot for him/her as she's not "Aizen-tier".

Rank 50 free roll: Akane (1st copy)

I'm happy with this as she has a lower CD active to unlock orbs making it the same as a board randomiser active. She also has the 7 combo awakening which is interesting and synergise well with the new UVO Hathor although you need 2 subs with 2 SBR... Definitely keeping this card.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (01/13/2017~01/15/2017) rolls

I think I went for more rolls on day 1 to try to get more of the new 3 Kingdom 2.0 Pantheon cards featured on day 1...

Day 1

Sea Serpent

Sold for MP


Sold for MP


Sold for MP

Day 2


Sold for MP

Puzzle & Dragons: My Fist of North Star Collab (4th) rolls

I rolled a bit more as I wanted to get back Shew for inherited random board skill after selling him for MP.

Rank 50 Free roll: Nanto (1st copy)

I think the use for him is a low CD 5-turn inheritable red orb enhance for Red speed farming teams. Keeping him.


There might be a case for multiple Nanto but I'm not really seeing it so I sold for MP.


Sold for MP.

Juza (1st copy)

I read his nuke can take out Dub-Metalit so I'm keeping just in case. Might eventually sell him as I'll probably never form or use that speed farming button-team for Monday Dungeons.

Thouzer (1st copy)

There's a lot of buzz about this card as his active is very unique. He can enable combos on non-light full single color boards so he's definitely useful. Keeping him.

I didn't manage to get Shew in the end but in hindsight with the orbs unlocking actives introduction, I probably don't need him anymore.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/16/2016~12/18/2016) roll (Update#2 on Ana-Typhon)

4x rates for all Godfest exclusives but they are all evolved. I'm guessing the rates and rarity are in such a way that the overall probability is still "balanced"...

Typhon! (1st copy)

Only rolled once and was very lucky. The UVO form is probably better as a sub due to the lower cooldown which is better for inheriting skills (recently even got a further 1 turn reduction in cooldown during the Shonen Sunday stream) while the Ana-version is a better leader. I have Juggler to fill his spot in Gremory team thus I decided to make him into the Ana-version.

I tried some high end dungeon with her like Ra Dragon Guerrilla and Mech Hera but couldn't complete them mainly due to running out of hearts and active to make them. My teams always use Satsuki for the TPA damage but since she doesn't make hearts, it could be the reason why I run out of them so I probably have to rethink how I build her team. A Xin Hua purchase looks tempting again as I now have her and Gremory... I've also noticed that when refreshing the stranger list, I hardly find people leading with Ana-Typhon. She doesn't seem very popular nowadays as I have no problem searching for Red Odins, Ilms (especially), Gremory, etc, most of the time.

Update: I've been using Ana-Typhon on Gremory team for farming Standard and Conditional Descends and she functions fine. You can expect a one-time use of her active and that's it, which is OK for short dungeons. She's probably going to be replaced if possible as I will probably inherit a boardchange active instead of using her.

It's also quite hard to find friend leaders for her so it's a little tempting to switch back to the previous evolution and take the dark pii lost... 9 CD vs 13 CD is a lot and it makes him in line with Yomi Dragon's and A.Pandora's active CD. If I turn her back, it will be the second time I do it for an Ana evolution; I change Ana-Ceres back for the reincarnate evolution (Revo) as I wanted to lead with that instead. However, Ana-Ceres' full bind clear can be useful in the Radar Dragon Guerrilla while I hardly use Revo Ceres so it was quite a waste of green pii-s plus I can no longer change Revo Ceres back to Ana-Ceres!

Update#2: There is also another factor in the team cost as she is 10 cost higher and you might not be able to use some of the manic badges.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/31/2016~01/03/2017) rolls

Can't really remember the days I went for the rolls other than my first roll as it was a Day 1 featured card. This was the Godfest that introduced the new 3 Kingdom 2.0 pantheons that unlocked orbs and the 2 new Godfest Exclusives, Fujin and Raijin with useful actives as well.

Gremory! (2nd copy)

The 2nd copy was really the difference that made my Gremory team stable, along with the buffs from stream.  Although she does not have haste, her low CD means I have just enough to cycle through my actives for her team. Team subs were then: Yomi Dragon/APandora/Juggler or Ana-Typhon or Lumiel if I'm farming special descended with preDras/Gremory.

Leeza (1st copy, I think)

She's always have a use as you can setup the board and use her actives to create 2 more combos, especially with Anubis to turn them to dark orbs. She's now used in ALiu Bei teams. Keeping her.

Ma Chao! (1st copy)

I'm happy with any of the cards from the new pantheon for the active. The dark card is useful for Dark Athena and the green one which I have now, can be used in a pairing with the new UVO Odin Dragon. Might find use on AKushinada team against Zeus +297 dungeons but I have not pii or used him yet. Definitely keeping.

Thumberlina (Xth copy)

There is a use as an inherit onto either of the Mirus so I'm holding onto her at the moment even though I have sold some copies before. I don't use AIsis on Blue Miru as I prefer orb changers and binds are definitely one of the main weakness for her team. Light Miru is slightly less susceptible as there are quite a few unbindable light subs for her. I'm still a little tempted to sell her for MP eventually.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan New Year 2017 rolls

New Year Kanna got buffed to be equivalent to Light Kanna and I will really like to get her to cover red for my future Ra Dragon team but the overall cards aren't very attractive so I just sticked to the free Rank 50 roll. (I already got New Year Mitsuki for Xiang Mei)

Rank 50: New Year Sandalphon (1st copy if I'm not wrong)

Sold for MP as I can't find any use for him.

Note: There is actually use for New Year Tengu as the light sub-attribute avoids dark binds. I sold at least one copy of him before so I will definitely keep my next copy.