Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM and Gacha Dora community challenge (3rd) rolls

Skipped around 3 Godfests (with 5x, 6x and 7x rates!) during this period as the Heroine REM was returned again. I was still chasing Julie with my non-iap stones. During this time, there was also the Gacha Dora Community Challenge so there were more free rolls to claim as the players managed to hit all 3 targets. Most of the cards also receive buffs and Momiji is good now with the follow-up damage awakening and Mel has been used as an assist a lot to enable that awakening easily. I definitely hope to roll them.

Here are my Heroine rolls with saved non-iap stones and the Gacha Dora community challenge 3 Heroine REM rolls mixed in:

Sheena (2nd copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab MP cards purchase

The Monster Hunter Collab provided the biggest lineup of MP cards for buying so far and I thought it is worth having a separate blog post on it. Although it is only 2 MP cards in the store: the male and female hunter, they have 3 evolutions each, thus if you want more than 1, you will need to buy multiple. Japan did gave a male and female hunter free which you earn from the mail and completing the highest difficulty dungeon with 3 subs respectively.

I think most of the MP cards are better than the REM rolls I had and so it seems like the monsters I rolled were traded in for the MP Hunters instead which mirrors the game in some sense: the Monster Hunter game was about hunting monsters to get their parts to make weapons and armor. More information about the MP Hunter evolutions at PuzzleDragonX:

Rathalos X Armor Male: Didn't evolve

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab rolls

Back with my approximately-monthly updates for Puzzle and Dragons and it begins with the Monster Hunter Collaboration! There was a chibi gacha before that but with the news of Monster Hunter collab and its 10 stone per roll gacha, I started saving up my non-iap stones for it. I have been a big monster hunter fan owning most of the series in PSP and on 3DS. This collab debut the 4-second movement leaderskill and the follow-up damage awakening. I am not a fan of most of the monsters in particular but wanted to get any of the new cards with those 2 mechanic. The other interesting thing about this collab cards are that they gain a lot of stats in general making them all good stat sticks for your teams. Card details can be found over at PuzzleDragonX:

Rank 50 Free roll: Astalos

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (04/14/2017~04/16/2017) roll (Update)

5x rates featuring  Sengoku 2.0 series. I don't find the new cards interesting at all so only 1 roll on day 2 where Dark Kali is featured... Update: The Sengoku 2.0 series did find their way into quite a lot of teams, mainly the green and dark ones are used a lot as subs while the light/blue one is a powerful leader paring with revo Sakuya.

Light Metatron (3rd copy)


Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Rurouni Kenshin Collab (2nd) roll (Update)

Rank 50 free roll: Makimachi Misao

I'm going to level her up before selling to fill up the monster book entry. Update: I already sold her but discovered much later that she can be used in red teams due to her killer awakenings like for Awoken Cao Cao! Definitely worth keeping if you roll one! (Sources: https://パズドラ

Saito was my roll the first time around. His split UEVO is definitely more powerful than the first one as it is no longer reliant on actives while still maintaining a high damage output. His new UEVO  pairs well with Awoken Ichigo and Kaioh (Fist of North Star), I'm just unable to find friend leaders easily from refreshing the stranger lists so I'll have to go to if I'm really interested in using Saito this way.

I've also seen the newest gold diamond egg, Seijuro Hiko, Kenshin's master, to be used a lot as an inherit for combo leaders like Anubis, with the damage absorb avoid and the +1 combo count. His skill up card probably can be used how Fujin's skillup card is used but I forgot to farm up 1 to keep...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My PAD Academy 2017 roll

Nothing particularly interesting even with new card introduction so it's great that we have a free roll and I don't have to spend any saved stones on this.

Rank 50 free roll: PAD Academy Cinderalla (1st copy)

The art is quite nice but I'm still going to sell her. I've only seen the Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty versions being used in red and dark heart teams, Xiang Mei and Xin Hua/Ana-Typhon respectively. Light Miru's team doesn't have any space for her and there are enough light unbinders. The nuke is only single target so it's not too useful.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (03/31/2017~04/02/2017) rolls

This was the one where they introduced the new 6* GFE, Amenominakanushi. Basically a light version of Aizen with the power spike from rows instead of crosses. The rates were 5x and it was nothing but GFE although I believed the carnival might have featured some pantheons (it was the new enhance dragons and weapon series 2) as well. I rolled on the second day hoping a Dark Kali as usual

Spica (1st copy)

When she first came out, I wanted her for the artwork as she's probably the happiest looking card in PAD in her evolved form. Her split UEVO looked different though and unfortunately I had to evo her to the Green/Blue sub version to be more useful. I see this version in green teams once in a while to cover 2 skill bind resists.