Sunday, October 30, 2016

Clash Royale: Tips and Links (Updated with 2 reddit links)

I'm really late to this game but finally started it a few days ago. It is quite an interesting game that I am considering a tower defense game, especially the "stamina" system. You can keep playing at the expense of forgoing new chests for cards because of the fixed 4 chest slots. It is probably still a good idea to keep playing to 10 crowns to at least get the Crown Chest for the day before stopping.

There doesn't seem to be any easy way to "reroll" your account if you don't like your first Epic rarity card after tutorial; it seems like you will need to do it on a new device: I got the Skeleton Army for my first Epic and it is not a good card because of numerous easy counters to it but have continued with the account so far. I'm a little tempted to spend some money to get 500 gems to exchange for 10,000 coins and buy the other better Epics from the shop but have managed to resist so far!

The early game so far seems to be just about playing your tanks and supporting it with firepower behind it. Hopefully, things change soon enough when I get to the higher arena levels before I get bored of the gameplay.

Here's are some useful links I researched:

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's Godfest (10/28~10/30) rolls

Radious, Dark Metatron, Ruka, Thuban

We are back to the huge lineup for Godfest and I didn't really need to roll 4 times but I was bored. I almost thought I got another Light Metatron at first but it's actually my first Dark Metatron. It's not used as much nowadays, I still see her in Awoken Anubis teams, but it's always nice to get a new card. I don't think the other cards are worth keeping but with YamaP rolling on the 10/31 stream on Monday and buffing whatever he gets, I will hold them for a few days longer.

Looking forward to the stream and one of the highlights should be the evolutions for Ra and Yomi Dragons!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Medals in Radar App (Updated)

PAD Radar app introduced medals in version 1.5: Reddit link. Check out what to do with them in that Reddit link.

I actually deleted the app some time back because it was really boring and also part of my plan to reduce my time spend on PAD. I picked it back up again because of this medals system making it slightly more interesting. I wonder if you are able to get Izanagi X and Apocalypse X from just searching for medals in app or only available from physical pins...

Update: Seems like you can get Izanagi X and Apocalypse X from searching in the PAD Radar app: A player from Taiwan got it according to PAD blog which references the user from a Taiwan forum!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's Halloween 2016 Gacha rolls

I managed to save up 4 rolls: HSopdet, HSonia, HSopdet, HMulan. HSonia is my 4th Sonia after red and 2 blues. It's always nice to get a gold egg from these seasonal gacha even if I may not have any use for them. I don't intend to keep the other 3 silvers though as I don't really find much use for them; I had a HSopdet earlier that I always thought of using in Yomi Dragon team but never got around to skilling up and was eventually sold. I really wanted a HIzanami or Misery but can't really complain much as I got a gold egg. I'm not rolling anymore and saving my stones for the next GodFest or event, I have more "wants" than "needs" from this gacha.

Check out for setsu's review of the gacha. It also contains some interesting videos on Misery.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's "Halloween" Godfest (10/14~10/16) rolls and some thoughts on upcoming Halloween Gacha

This is probably the smallest Godfest lineup in a while; we got the only pantheon, the Archdemons being split into 2 days for the first time instead of being a pantheon a day, along with selected Dark pantheon cards and Godfest exclusives. We also get 2 evolved version of cards just so they can fill up the higher rarity spots; UUVO Krishna and evolved Sherias Roots. (the latter probably chosen with an eye on the upcoming Halloween Gacha as that contains Halloween Sonia Gran-Reverse)

For most people that were complaining about the bloat of the Godfest cards, this reduction of theh lineup is a good sign that things are improving. We'll find out if it is here to stay in the next Godfest. I went for 1 roll each day, thinking of conserving my stones for Halloween Gacha. I wanted Halloween Izanami initially but she does seem a little less used nowadays as I only seen her in 1 Yomi Dragon Arena 2 video. She makes a good base for skill inherit on that team. I am not interested in Halloween Xiang Mei as I already have the red version and the play-style can be boring. Nothing really stands out as must-have and no new leader play-style as well for me. Here are the new cards from padx: Anyway, onto my rolls:

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan PCGF (9/30~10/2) rolls (with updates on Yamantaka and Paimon)

It's been a long time since I posted anything as I planned to play PAD a lot less and was busy with work, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Go. (I'm going to post my tips on those 2 latter games soon since I have some research notes done on them while playing) In the end, I did reduce my playtime on PAD; I now no longer try to maximise my usage of stamina and can let it sit at full without playing. The reason that got me back to playing was Blue Miru during the Summer REM which I bought. I intend to change my posts to focus more on the rolls I get during REM events and to catchup back on the past rolls in future posts.

This PCGF have a lot of relevant cards, it is full of top leaders and subs and is definitely worth rolling IMO. I hope to get one of the two top Green leaders in Kaede and Ronove (I already have Liu Bei) although I am also short of most of the best green subs. Green is currently my weakest color and getting one of those two will be nice with Kaede also being a great green sub. GameWith has a good writeup on this PCGF: https://パズドラ The first list highlights some of the top leaders while the second list does it for some of the top subs.

I voted for Andromeda for my Blue Miru but she didn't got in. Here are my rolls:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Monster Strike: Japan's 3rd Anniversary Hatcher available now until 7 November + Tier List (Updated with an edit and GameWith's Tier List)

Monster Strike is celebrating its 3rd Year Anniversary in the Japan version at the moment and it has a special Gacha that let's you choose from 5 6* cards of an element. It seems like a really good time to re-roll during this period! I've had problems with the game previously but with this latest 8.0 version, I seem to be able to use the app properly now.

Once you complete the tutorial, which is pretty quick compared to the PAD one IMO, check the red present box icon to find the mail with "3" in its text. (Edit: "3" + it's found in the "[]" brackets) The gacha will appear after you opened that mail. I've tried re-rolling a few times but it is quite tedious as I'm on iOS 10 and have to delete the whole app in order to do so; I did not jailbreak and iOS 10 do not allow using external file explorer. I've read that re-rolling isn't necessary but I'll give it a go until this special hatcher ends and see if I can get any of the OP cards before that.

I've researched around and the top cards seem to be Gabriel from Wood, Lucy from Dark, Arthur and GodStriker from Light. For full breakdown of the elements and their top cards, check out the Monster Strike Blog by SFGundam:

[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #5 - Dark Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #4 - Light Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #3 - Wood Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #2 - Water Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #1 - Fire Monsters

If you are starting Monster Strike, here are some resources:
Ultimate Players Guide from

GameWith's Tier List - https://モンスターストライク

I figured out the location after having use the PAD website for a while. I refer to this list for the 3rd Anniversary Hatcher more than the Monster Strike Blog links above, as GameWith's has everything on a page. I'm still having no luck with the rerolling and I just reroll a few times a day as it is quite tedious on un-jailbroken iOS 10.