Monday, May 30, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: June Bride Seasonal Gacha

Fun Fact about the gacha theme:月の花嫁-rokugatsu-no-hanayome-june-bride

Card art:

Full Gacha card list: (please refer to around the second half of the page)

Card Info in English:

Gadius is the MP card. Light cards galore in this Gacha! If you are running a mono-light team, there are quite a few gold eggs that are great subs in this Gacha.

I love the art for Echidna, Izanami and Eschamali the most but in terms of card usage, I think they are "wants" more than "needs", although Izanami might be good for my Yuna/ADQXQ/Hathor though. The first 2 are probably the most useful cards out of the silvers, Kano and Ruka though.

Kano and Ruka are nowhere near as good as New Year Mitsuki, they could very well just have been silvers but it's great for additional MP when I sell I guess... I rolled a Kano and am planning to sell her.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: New Year Gacha and Dungeon returns for Japan

Previous post:

New Year (NY) event gacha and dungeon back to commemorate "Famitsu Awards 2015 Favorite app Award" Gungho received on May 10, 2016. NY Ama will be in the shop for this period as well.

Card buffs:

Reddit Discussion:

Notable pulls that I saw used in videos:
- 8* NY Ama on Ra Dragon teams
- 5* NY Hanzo on Superman teams
- 5* NY Mitsuki on Orchid teams (machine killer for Mech Zeus/Hera)
- perhaps 8* NY Kanna as enhancer for Ra Dragon or Dragon teams like the new Sherias Root.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: PAD Radar app (Updated)

PAD Radar App guides from reddit and discussion

Even if you are not in Japan, you can still collect orbs after you move at least 1KM from a location and use it to exchange for stuff like weekday dungeons, 99 of a stat and piis. I haven't tried out the friend finder yet but I guess it should work for any part of the world...

The friend finder does work and it seems to be finding friends for me that are from Japan, going by the names, so it isn't as cool.

Useful information from PAD Blog:

Orb search reset timings (I'm assuming it's JST)

I've noticed I can get orbs again while staying at the same location so I think those reset timings are the reason behind it. If you are on the same location and have reached those timings, do a search again before you leave to another place.

Also, it seems that the game doesn't persist over multiple devices of the same OS like how PAD can; if you go to another device, you have to relink your game to retrieve your save orbs via your PAD game but beware, I think the saved data is not instant as I switched and noticed an earlier search I collected not updated to my new device and lost 3 rainbow orbs!

I really dislike the app making me use it every once in a while to swipe orbs on screen; it just feels like a chore. However, I've gotten about 1.5 cards +297 from redeeming the rewards and also with another +297 on the way. I've also redeemed quite a few Monday and Friday dungeons that I didn't play yet. (Note that you might have to change your timezone to Japan to see the dungeons after activating them from your mail) I guess I'll just keep on using the app...

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Mini/Chibi Gacha

New Chibis Info:

Official Rarity breakdown:

I believe the seasonal pink REM are no longer having anymore chibis, if it has not already. They get their own gacha now except some like the chibi heroes, normal Isis, normal Amaterasu silvers, chibi Red Odin and Chiyome. 

The most notable pulls IMO will be mini hera and Lilith for their active skill as inheritance for arena. Mini hera in particular has one of the highest % gravity active skill at the moment. Other than that, the boardchanger actives are good for inheritance as well. Do note that other than the silvers, they have the same stats as their normal counterpart and that both Metatrons and Red Sonia chibis will get their leader skill buffed to match their normal counterparts.

In terms of using as a sub though, light valkyrie is probably the most used out of the current chibis. I can see Dark Valkyrie and maybe Awoken Isis, Awoken Amaterasu and UVO Pandora of the new batch of chibis joining her. The last one being a lot of people's favourite. I am going to roll at least once even though I know the rolls are better spent on Godfests.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Shonen Sunday Collab 2nd

New cards info:

Sinbad evolution materials and existing REM card buffs:

This REM used to have a higher chance of getting gold eggs due to the ratio of the rarity. You can also tell from how the 5 star gold eggs sell for only 4000 MP. There's still more gold than silvers but overall, the number of silvers have increased:

4 ->10  4-star silvers
4 -> 8  5-star golds
2 -> 4  6-star golds

Out of all the previous cards, I see Ushio & Tora(6-star) and Lum(5-star) being used the most, mainly in Arena videos. For the new cards, I think the most interesting card is Sesshomaru, the 6-star card, being a good leader pairing for the latest dark MP Flower cards, Xin Hua. The other cards aren't that good IMO with the exception of Sinbad (another new 6-star) being not a bad leader while the rest will probably be useful for skill inheritance.

I'm a fan of manga but never actually checked out these series much other than watching some Inuyasha anime. No must-haves as usual for most Collab REM, this is probably more for the respective manga series fans.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle for 3DS

I've pretty much forgotten all the rules to the game but I'm still interested in news of yugioh nevertheless. I probably won't be getting it though...

Friday, April 8, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Batman vs Superman Collab

The REM is basically DC Collab with the addition of a new Batman gold egg.

Batman and DC Collab REM card buff info:

I still have Superman from the first DC Collab and I'm glad he got an ultimate evolution even though I don't see myself using him as a leader or sub for the near future. He probably has the most potential to become the best leader out of all the gold eggs, if not at least very good for farming. If you can form his team and still have enough RCV, he will be better than Supergirl as his leader skill is near unconditional. The only drawback for that unconditional leader skill being the attackers and physical requirements.

I like Armoured Batman's art and he seems to be a nice Awoken Pandora sub with an active skill similar to the green Samurai God Ishida. However, I think the odds are still low to get a gold egg in Collab REM so even though I'm a fan of Batman, I will still rather spend my non-IAP stones on a God Festival instead.

Note that all 3 gold eggs' skill up will be available in the Collab dungeon as you can see them in the card art assets:寵物圖檔更新(共18隻寵物)