Sunday, April 16, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (03/31/2017~04/02/2017) rolls

This was the one where they introduced the new 6* GFE, Amenominakanushi. Basically a light version of Aizen with the power spike from rows instead of crosses. The rates were 5x and it was nothing but GFE although I believed the carnival might have featured some pantheons (it was the new enhance dragons and weapon series 2) as well. I rolled on the second day hoping a Dark Kali as usual

Spica (1st copy)

When she first came out, I wanted her for the artwork as she's probably the happiest looking card in PAD in her evolved form. Her split UEVO looked different though and unfortunately I had to evo her to the Green/Blue sub version to be more useful. I see this version in green teams once in a while to cover 2 skill bind resists.