Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Weekly Shonen Magazine Collab rolls (Updated)

Lots of hype over Meliodas but while definitely powerful, I think that 3 specific orb requirement makes it not as reliable as other top leaders who can get through most of the Arena floors without using any actives. I don't think he will be as powerful as Aizen. Most, if not all of the diamond eggs in this collab are good leaders with interesting leader skills so I spend a lot of my saved stones in this one...

Rank 50 free roll: Maiko

Her awakenings are overall very good with those dark resist awakenings along with skill boost and skill bind resist. I've seen teams use 4 Halloween Sopdet-s or 4 Wedding Sopdet-s and 4 Maiko-s fit that kind of team composition too.

Next I choose to roll on Meliodas rate up days...

Pai/3x3 Eyes!

I've heard of this series so it was kind of familiar. Her leader skill makes her basically a green version of Sesshomaru with the damage spike coming from combos as she has 2 7-combo awakenings instead of Sesshomaru's two-prongs and rows. I find her really strong even though she isn't featured in Game8 and GameWith's tier lists, being unbindable with an active that aids her leader skill. She can also be used as a sub on Kaede's team and vice-versa. The lack of skill bind resists is easily covered by Vishnu or Ruel. My green box is quite viable now with her addition! Update: She's pretty hard to find friend leaders from the 3 stranger friends, even after I refresh a few times...

Maiko (2nd copy)

2 more copies and I can make a team with 4 Maiko for dark resists!


An active that is like Xmas Castor & Pollux or NY Spica which will be great for a card that requires blue and green orbs to activate their leader skills. Off-type for Awoken Amon but OK for PAD Academy Acala. The only problem is he does not come with skill bind resists.


I rolled during Meliodas rate up days and didn't get him so I decided to roll on other rate up days. This being 3x3 Eyes'. Elizabeth doesn't seem useful at all and I intend to sell her.

Elizabeth (2nd copy)

Should be selling her.

Maiko (3rd copy)

At this point, I want my next roll to be another Maiko more than a diamond egg!

Elizabeth (3rd copy)

Should be selling her


Gemstone Princess kind of actives that I think will come in useful.

Yakumo (2nd copy)

The active is interesting enough to be worth keeping.

In the end, I only manage to get 3x3 Eyes. These collab rate up don't seem to indicate a higher chance of getting that particular card that I think it probably doesn't even matter. (For Final Fantasy Collab, I got Sephiroth on Cloud rate up days). Other notable cards are Erza which can be purchased with MP and Acnologia, the boss drop which has a useful boardchange active that can be inherited. Update: No silvers in this collab and all the gold eggs sell for 5000 MP unlike previous collabs that adjusted gold eggs to 4000 MP. However, the state of MP in the game is uncertain at the moment due to the announcement that MP cards will soon be obtainable outside of the shop and no new MP card series...

I almost wanted to buy Erza until I realised my leader UEVO Red Odin probably does the same thing as her without the boardchange active and handicap. Acnologia is definitely worth getting multiples of. I think you might not need to level him but I farmed enough for 4 copies with 1 copy able to be maxed skilled with dark king tans; 19 copies. I also managed to farm up the Collab Magazine card that requires the team to be filled with Weekly Shonen Magazine Collab cards. Team if I want to use it is probably going to be Maiko/Maiko/Maiko/3x3 Eyes with skill bind resist badge!