Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Gacha Dora Community Challenge (2nd) Reward rolls

Gold Dragon Rolls: Thumbelina, Misuki, WoodBahn

Sold them all. Really wished the rolls were confirmed pantheon ones like the previous challenge.... I still have my full skilled Thumbelina that I recently kept but have not inherited her to Miru like I intended. I just hardly use Miru nowadays.

Green Dragon Rolls: Gainaut, Liberty Geist, Ninegaruda

Turns out the farmable rolls were better than my gold dragon rolls...

Heroine Dragon Rolls: Kuvia (2nd copy), Mito (1st copy), Mito (2nd copy)

All are worth keeping another copy with Reco recently using double Mito to cleaer the new 3 co-op dungeons: