Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's Girl Gacha roll (Edited)

I just wanted Misery for the auto heal shenanigans... 1 roll and I got her!

Misery! (1st copy)

I wanted to form a REVO Anubis team like what Reco did here:, just for fun and watch the team heal back up from all the auto-heals. I intend to invest in skilling and +297-ing Misery/Dark Rei Ayanami (so glad I have not sold her!)/Yuna/Gunma (Edit: Didn't realise there's not enough Skill Bind Resist so this team wouldn't work!) if I test it out and see if it has enough HP, etc. After you played for a long time, these are the kind of things that can help keep things fresh!