Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM (2nd) rolls

As I have guessed, this returned along with the UEVO announcements for the cards in this series. I really wanted Elgenubi this time around as she is really useful for red teams and I can see myself using her in my Red Odin team...

Ilmina! (1st copy)
My luck seems to have taken a turn since that Bouya roll from Crows X Worst! There was some debate on whether that UEVO is good but personally, I change to that version as I prefer the artwork, especially it looking very symmetrical compared to the red version. It is a formidable pairing with R/L Kenshin although I never got around to finding a friend leader. The red version's 4 skill boosts can be useful but with 1 copy of her, I can only find use in my Red Odin button-nuke team. However, she is not required there as I already have more than enough skill boosts in total.

Meriodionoalis! (1st copy)

I wanted her previously but it seem like I don't really need her much. However, I did find a use for her to speed through the Dragon Gacha Community Challenge easily with BSonia/BSonia/Mori/Saravasti. I don't have the PAD Radar Verdor or Bleach's Hitsugaya so I can't form her "button co-op team".

Barbara (2nd copy)

I never got around to using her from my previous roll. More copies of her will work well as sub for her own team as her leader skill requirement of machines is hard to form teams with. I've seen her being used as a sub at least twice in Saito's team as well so she's definitely useful.

Rank 50 free roll: Barbara (3rd copy)

I probably have more than enough now but with 3, her team can now consists of her plus Eschamali and Hamal with the skill bind resist badge.

With the UEVOs, Juri and Romia have turned out to be more desirable; Juri is a top tier leader it seems with relatively "low requirements" subs by just filling the team with Ragnarok Dragons. Romia has become a pretty good sub in green teams and Anubis teams.