Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan rank 500, 1-time bargain pack and Gacha Dora Community Challenge Reward rolls

Combining all the rolls to this post

Rank 500 free roll: Silk (1st copy)

This was newly announced in the anniversary stream and it only had the Legendary Heroes and Gemstone Princesses, which was really generous of Gungho! I really wanted Carat and Facet but got Silk in the end. I think she's the least useful Gemstone Princesses for me but probably still better than getting any of the Legendary Heroes...

1-time Bargain Pack roll (I always buy before it gets reset!): Hamal (2nd copy)
I used her mostly in my Yomi Dragon team. Her 2 skill bind resists are great for Barbara team as well. I'm looking forward to her split UEVO like Alycone's as I can make each version now.

Gacha Dora Community Challenge Reward rolls

Green Dragon free roll: Zaerog 8

Gold Dragon free roll: Diao Chan! (1st copy)

She's really useful in combo teams like REVO Anubis and Kushinada, especially for Anubis if you have 2 copies of her to provide the loop of skill activation.

Heroine Dragon free roll: Sheena (2nd copy)

I mainly see her used as an inherit for Anubis teams that are filled with light and dark cards... A bi-boardchanger, especially one for light and dark, is probably always useful so I'm keeping her.