Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hearthstone and its 'Pity Timer'

I have already quit Hearthstone but this information is really interesting.

Pity Timer on Packs Opening, and the Best Strategy:

According to the findings, it's a nearly guaranteed legendary card at 40 packs so it is similar to getting one of the highest rarity card when you open one box of TCG booster packs in real life.

Puzzle & Dragons: FFCD Collab 7th and FF Collab 2nd for Japan (Edited 1 new point about Ace)

FFCD Collab 7th

FFCD REM card buffs, uvos with their evo materials:

Fencer Santa or Fencer are important silver eggs to get for their AS (it's the same) against Arena 2.0 and Mech Hera: I thought they will not be as important after Skill Inheritance but it turns out they are getting equipped and are just as important. More on Skill Inheritance in a later post.

No other cards are that essential and the other interesting thing about this return is the UVO of Juggler. I think they have generally become better subs but Black*Mist showed them clearing Arena 2.0: with help from an equipped ARa for the active against predras.

FF Collab 2nd
Cloud, Sephiroth and Yuna UVO details:

Rest of the new REM cards & existing REM card buffs:

REM card Evo material requirements:

Fat Chocobo will be available in a gift dungeon:

Some nice leaders in this collab although they are 6 stars, so it'll be hard to get. I don't think there is anything essential from the REM and the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise is just going to "carry" it and attract people to roll.

Edit: It seems like another popular skill to equip are those damage boost ones, I've seen people used them on Yomi and Ra Dragon. It's probably for Arena/Mech Hera-level kind of bosses.

Ace might be a good silver card equip for red and dark teams, especially if you do not have or want to equip your Awoken Norse Gods...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Skill Inheritance (Updated with a note and 3 edits)

Skill Inheritance details:

GameWith assist recommendation: http://パズドラ

Game8 with list of good base (top list) and good assist (bottom list) cards:

I like this mechanic a lot as it encourages creativity and makes the game interesting again for a while. (Edit: With the tan guerrilla dungeon returning frequently, Gungho seems to encourage you to equip/unequip and experiment too!)

Cards with increase in value because of this system IMO:
- Dupe ROdin, Dupe ARa, Neptune and Chibi Lilith for nuke/poison against preDra
- REM cards with gravity to replace Zeus-type sub for arena (Edit: or damage booster active skills)
- Collab Silver and silver cards with good actives but not so good awakenings (Note: needs to be able to evo into 5* and have awakenings)
- Cards with low CD to be the base card (Edit: although in the end, the base card still have to be good in the first place)

I made a thread of Arena 2 team clearing with their latent and assist setup over at the PAD forum:

Quitted Hearthstone

Signs when it's time to quit:
- Stopped checking Hearthstone news
- Checking Hearthstone news to find a new expansion coming but not the least interested
- Didn't feel like logging in to play the week's Tavern Brawl or to get to rank 20 for the month