Saturday, March 26, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: FFCD Collab 7th and FF Collab 2nd for Japan (Edited 1 new point about Ace)

FFCD Collab 7th

FFCD REM card buffs, uvos with their evo materials:

Fencer Santa or Fencer are important silver eggs to get for their AS (it's the same) against Arena 2.0 and Mech Hera: I thought they will not be as important after Skill Inheritance but it turns out they are getting equipped and are just as important. More on Skill Inheritance in a later post.

No other cards are that essential and the other interesting thing about this return is the UVO of Juggler. I think they have generally become better subs but Black*Mist showed them clearing Arena 2.0: with help from an equipped ARa for the active against predras.

FF Collab 2nd
Cloud, Sephiroth and Yuna UVO details:

Rest of the new REM cards & existing REM card buffs:

REM card Evo material requirements:

Fat Chocobo will be available in a gift dungeon:

Some nice leaders in this collab although they are 6 stars, so it'll be hard to get. I don't think there is anything essential from the REM and the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise is just going to "carry" it and attract people to roll.

Edit: It seems like another popular skill to equip are those damage boost ones, I've seen people used them on Yomi and Ra Dragon. It's probably for Arena/Mech Hera-level kind of bosses.

Ace might be a good silver card equip for red and dark teams, especially if you do not have or want to equip your Awoken Norse Gods...