Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM and Gacha Dora community challenge (3rd) rolls

Skipped around 3 Godfests (with 5x, 6x and 7x rates!) during this period as the Heroine REM was returned again. I was still chasing Julie with my non-iap stones. During this time, there was also the Gacha Dora Community Challenge so there were more free rolls to claim as the players managed to hit all 3 targets. Most of the cards also receive buffs and Momiji is good now with the follow-up damage awakening and Mel has been used as an assist a lot to enable that awakening easily. I definitely hope to roll them.

Here are my Heroine rolls with saved non-iap stones and the Gacha Dora community challenge 3 Heroine REM rolls mixed in:

Sheena (2nd copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab MP cards purchase

The Monster Hunter Collab provided the biggest lineup of MP cards for buying so far and I thought it is worth having a separate blog post on it. Although it is only 2 MP cards in the store: the male and female hunter, they have 3 evolutions each, thus if you want more than 1, you will need to buy multiple. Japan did gave a male and female hunter free which you earn from the mail and completing the highest difficulty dungeon with 3 subs respectively.

I think most of the MP cards are better than the REM rolls I had and so it seems like the monsters I rolled were traded in for the MP Hunters instead which mirrors the game in some sense: the Monster Hunter game was about hunting monsters to get their parts to make weapons and armor. More information about the MP Hunter evolutions at PuzzleDragonX:

Rathalos X Armor Male: Didn't evolve

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab rolls

Back with my approximately-monthly updates for Puzzle and Dragons and it begins with the Monster Hunter Collaboration! There was a chibi gacha before that but with the news of Monster Hunter collab and its 10 stone per roll gacha, I started saving up my non-iap stones for it. I have been a big monster hunter fan owning most of the series in PSP and on 3DS. This collab debut the 4-second movement leaderskill and the follow-up damage awakening. I am not a fan of most of the monsters in particular but wanted to get any of the new cards with those 2 mechanic. The other interesting thing about this collab cards are that they gain a lot of stats in general making them all good stat sticks for your teams. Card details can be found over at PuzzleDragonX:

Rank 50 Free roll: Astalos

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (04/14/2017~04/16/2017) roll (Update)

5x rates featuring  Sengoku 2.0 series. I don't find the new cards interesting at all so only 1 roll on day 2 where Dark Kali is featured... Update: The Sengoku 2.0 series did find their way into quite a lot of teams, mainly the green and dark ones are used a lot as subs while the light/blue one is a powerful leader paring with revo Sakuya.

Light Metatron (3rd copy)


Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Rurouni Kenshin Collab (2nd) roll (Update)

Rank 50 free roll: Makimachi Misao

I'm going to level her up before selling to fill up the monster book entry. Update: I already sold her but discovered much later that she can be used in red teams due to her killer awakenings like for Awoken Cao Cao! Definitely worth keeping if you roll one! (Sources: https://パズドラ

Saito was my roll the first time around. His split UEVO is definitely more powerful than the first one as it is no longer reliant on actives while still maintaining a high damage output. His new UEVO  pairs well with Awoken Ichigo and Kaioh (Fist of North Star), I'm just unable to find friend leaders easily from refreshing the stranger lists so I'll have to go to if I'm really interested in using Saito this way.

I've also seen the newest gold diamond egg, Seijuro Hiko, Kenshin's master, to be used a lot as an inherit for combo leaders like Anubis, with the damage absorb avoid and the +1 combo count. His skill up card probably can be used how Fujin's skillup card is used but I forgot to farm up 1 to keep...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My PAD Academy 2017 roll

Nothing particularly interesting even with new card introduction so it's great that we have a free roll and I don't have to spend any saved stones on this.

Rank 50 free roll: PAD Academy Cinderalla (1st copy)

The art is quite nice but I'm still going to sell her. I've only seen the Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty versions being used in red and dark heart teams, Xiang Mei and Xin Hua/Ana-Typhon respectively. Light Miru's team doesn't have any space for her and there are enough light unbinders. The nuke is only single target so it's not too useful.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (03/31/2017~04/02/2017) rolls

This was the one where they introduced the new 6* GFE, Amenominakanushi. Basically a light version of Aizen with the power spike from rows instead of crosses. The rates were 5x and it was nothing but GFE although I believed the carnival might have featured some pantheons (it was the new enhance dragons and weapon series 2) as well. I rolled on the second day hoping a Dark Kali as usual

Spica (1st copy)

When she first came out, I wanted her for the artwork as she's probably the happiest looking card in PAD in her evolved form. Her split UEVO looked different though and unfortunately I had to evo her to the Green/Blue sub version to be more useful. I see this version in green teams once in a while to cover 2 skill bind resists.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Weekly Shonen Magazine Collab rolls (Updated)

Lots of hype over Meliodas but while definitely powerful, I think that 3 specific orb requirement makes it not as reliable as other top leaders who can get through most of the Arena floors without using any actives. I don't think he will be as powerful as Aizen. Most, if not all of the diamond eggs in this collab are good leaders with interesting leader skills so I spend a lot of my saved stones in this one...

Rank 50 free roll: Maiko

Her awakenings are overall very good with those dark resist awakenings along with skill boost and skill bind resist. I've seen teams use 4 Halloween Sopdet-s or 4 Wedding Sopdet-s and 4 Maiko-s fit that kind of team composition too.

Next I choose to roll on Meliodas rate up days...

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Gacha Dora Community Challenge (2nd) Reward rolls

Gold Dragon Rolls: Thumbelina, Misuki, WoodBahn

Sold them all. Really wished the rolls were confirmed pantheon ones like the previous challenge.... I still have my full skilled Thumbelina that I recently kept but have not inherited her to Miru like I intended. I just hardly use Miru nowadays.

Green Dragon Rolls: Gainaut, Liberty Geist, Ninegaruda

Turns out the farmable rolls were better than my gold dragon rolls...

Heroine Dragon Rolls: Kuvia (2nd copy), Mito (1st copy), Mito (2nd copy)

All are worth keeping another copy with Reco recently using double Mito to cleaer the new 3 co-op dungeons:

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's Girl Gacha roll (Edited)

I just wanted Misery for the auto heal shenanigans... 1 roll and I got her!

Misery! (1st copy)

I wanted to form a REVO Anubis team like what Reco did here:, just for fun and watch the team heal back up from all the auto-heals. I intend to invest in skilling and +297-ing Misery/Dark Rei Ayanami (so glad I have not sold her!)/Yuna/Gunma (Edit: Didn't realise there's not enough Skill Bind Resist so this team wouldn't work!) if I test it out and see if it has enough HP, etc. After you played for a long time, these are the kind of things that can help keep things fresh!

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Shinrabansho Choco Collab (7th) rolls

Kaede Another looks quite strong being unbindable but I wasn't going to use my saved stones on this just for a rare collab card. However, I checked which had a post on the rolls posted on twitter and I saw quite a number of people getting Kaede Another... thus, I did 1 roll.

Kiriko Another! (1st copy)

Not Kaede Another but a gold egg from a collab nevertheless... She can be used in my Xiang Mei team and with her newest buff to include dark resist awakenings, I seem to be coming up with some form of dark resist team soon around Light and Red cards: Light Ilmina, Kiriko Another, Mamiya, etc.

I have Asmodeus Another from the Collab previously and am glad I kept her till now (I generally keep cards with boardchanger actives) even though there wasn't much use for her as a devil version of Hathor. She's now a great sub for REVO Kushinada as she's healer type with a good boardchanger active and good awakenings like 7-combo!

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (03/10/2017~03/11/2017) rolls

1 roll per day.

Gremory (4th copy)

One of the least useful 6* to get multiple dupes of as she does not have haste in her active. I just need 1 more and I can form a team full of Gremory-s...

Light Metatron (2nd copy)

I kept her because she is getting a split UEVO soon and although it turns out to be a very good leader skill, there really is no use for another copy; the sub blue version doesn't have useful awakenings so keeping the leader version is good enough. I turned this latest copy to the leader version with the pluses from the Godfest REM and once she is +297 and max skilled/awaken, I will sell the other copy.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Rank 150/250 Memorial Rolls (reset on around March 2017)

Leilan! (1st copy)

I got her pretty near her REVO announcement. Never used her even though I REVO her and max skilled with pii-s.

Verdandi! (1st copy)

Another card that recently got buffed from stream. My green teams are getting more viable, I don't see myself or people in the late game leading with her but she is another good sub for my green teams, especially in Kaede's. Haven't used her yet so far. With her and Leilan, I'm going to need a lot of tamadra-s.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan GFE-only Gacha (2nd) rolls

I didn't know this had a chance of coming back but it did. I still chasing Dark Kali as a general non-IAP player other than the 1-time bargain pack purchases but I'll be realistic; I hope to get the 2 remaining 5* GFE that I do not have - Tsubaki and Ronove. 10-stones per roll

Fujin! (1st copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan rank 500, 1-time bargain pack and Gacha Dora Community Challenge Reward rolls

Combining all the rolls to this post

Rank 500 free roll: Silk (1st copy)

This was newly announced in the anniversary stream and it only had the Legendary Heroes and Gemstone Princesses, which was really generous of Gungho! I really wanted Carat and Facet but got Silk in the end. I think she's the least useful Gemstone Princesses for me but probably still better than getting any of the Legendary Heroes...

1-time Bargain Pack roll (I always buy before it gets reset!): Hamal (2nd copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan PCGF (2/18/2017~2/21/2017) rolls (Edit about buying boxes)

Marine Rider (2nd copy?)

Sold like previous copy. On hindsight, might have been useful to keep as we are getting more bicolor leaders like Awoken Amon who could have used him. The active skill is a lot better than before. I still think it is not a top tier sub because of lower stats.

Ars Nova (1st copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM (2nd) rolls

As I have guessed, this returned along with the UEVO announcements for the cards in this series. I really wanted Elgenubi this time around as she is really useful for red teams and I can see myself using her in my Red Odin team...

Ilmina! (1st copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Crows X Worst Collab (2nd) rolls

Rank 50 roll

Bouya! (1st copy)

After all the bad luck in the normal REM, this seems like a redemption for all the silvers I got. He received a UEVO and is probably the first card to obtain the Guard Break awakening. The effect is pretty cool with your card shooting lasers. It will be so fitting on Superman! In Japan, it has also been buffed to 100% instead of 50% and Bouya's 2nd guard break awakening was replaced with a skill boost.

Card design-wise, his leader skill isn't very powerful so I intend to use him as a sub but I have not been able to because I want to be able to make use of his guard break but the best rainbow leaders require hearts in activation which his active contradicts. The best way might be to ignore his active like here:

Note that in the Collab dungeon, Takeda Kousei's skill up card can be useful like how Fujin's skill card is used against damage absorb bosses. I farmed up 1 copy and kept it for future usage.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Tier lists, Rerolling and Useful Links and Tips (Updated with *Last Update*)

This mobile game is available in some countries at the moment (I read it's Japan and Europe) and I'm currently playing the version from Japan iOS app store and it's entirely in English so there are no language issues. After coming from the 3DS version of Fire Emblem, I'm a little not used to the sprites not being pixelated. If you get any retry prompts, just retry instead of returning to title screen.

Tier list links (Beginner roll tier list) (Based on Altema's list above but in an easy to read format, in English plus with details of the cards)

The first link also had some other guides worth checking out so do navigate around and check it out! The rest of the links above are in Japanese but there are plenty of pictures so it should not be too hard to understand. As the game is still so new, you'll probably want to check back to those sites once in a while as there will most likely be updates.

It seems like Takumi is one of the best card at the moment, I think mainly due to the skill that allows him to counterattack from any distance and being a neutral class. Takumi should be the safest option to reroll for now unless you have some other favourite character in mind.

Rerolling tips and links

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (01/31/2017~02/02/2017) rolls

Lineup was 5x all GFEs... I all in my free stones for day 2 hopping to get a Dark Kali...

Day 1

Sea Serpent

Sold for MP. The horrible luck from previous Godfest continues...

Day 2

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Shonen Sunday Collab (3rd) rolls

Ranma was introduced in this latest return of the collab and while I watched that anime when young, I'm not going to roll a lot for him/her as she's not "Aizen-tier".

Rank 50 free roll: Akane (1st copy)

I'm happy with this as she has a lower CD active to unlock orbs making it the same as a board randomiser active. She also has the 7 combo awakening which is interesting and synergise well with the new UVO Hathor although you need 2 subs with 2 SBR... Definitely keeping this card.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (01/13/2017~01/15/2017) rolls

I think I went for more rolls on day 1 to try to get more of the new 3 Kingdom 2.0 Pantheon cards featured on day 1...

Day 1

Sea Serpent

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Fist of North Star Collab (4th) rolls

I rolled a bit more as I wanted to get back Shew for inherited random board skill after selling him for MP.

Rank 50 Free roll: Nanto (1st copy)

I think the use for him is a low CD 5-turn inheritable red orb enhance for Red speed farming teams. Keeping him.


Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/16/2016~12/18/2016) roll (Update#2 on Ana-Typhon)

4x rates for all Godfest exclusives but they are all evolved. I'm guessing the rates and rarity are in such a way that the overall probability is still "balanced"...

Typhon! (1st copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/31/2016~01/03/2017) rolls

Can't really remember the days I went for the rolls other than my first roll as it was a Day 1 featured card. This was the Godfest that introduced the new 3 Kingdom 2.0 pantheons that unlocked orbs and the 2 new Godfest Exclusives, Fujin and Raijin with useful actives as well.

Gremory! (2nd copy)

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan New Year 2017 rolls

New Year Kanna got buffed to be equivalent to Light Kanna and I will really like to get her to cover red for my future Ra Dragon team but the overall cards aren't very attractive so I just sticked to the free Rank 50 roll. (I already got New Year Mitsuki for Xiang Mei)

Rank 50: New Year Sandalphon (1st copy if I'm not wrong)

Sold for MP as I can't find any use for him.

Note: There is actually use for New Year Tengu as the light sub-attribute avoids dark binds. I sold at least one copy of him before so I will definitely keep my next copy.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Evangelion Collab (Dec 2016 Revival) rolls

I wanted Rei-Miru even if her LS is hard to activate as I already have blue Miru, thus want to continue the "Miru" collection. When Misato-Leilan was announced I thought it was a evolution version and I will regard selling her but it turns out she's a new card. (I actually sold Misato as that was during the time of the MP dragons and she wasn't God-type for Shiva Dragon and I hardly use her)

Rank 50 Free roll: Shinji-scheat (1st copy)

I manage to max skilled Shinji-scheat. Shinji is another card I sold because there weren't much use for him, even though he got an evolution form. I'm definitely keeping this copy as the design is much more useful and he can be used on blue TPA teams as well as Dark Athena.

Misato-Leilan (1st copy)

I get Misato again although this is another form. I do not have any copies of Leilan so the active might be useful in the future. Keeping her.

Mari-Ceres (1st copy)

I got her maxed skilled but have not needed to used her. Her 2 SBR might be useful in team building. Keeping her around longer.

Kaworu-Kali! (1st copy)

I got him instead of Rei-Miru and he's probably the better card at that rarity. My first Dark Kali active card plus he is usable directly on Ra Dragon teams. He's also great for Revo Ra although I hardly use that leader nowadays. Rolling him just paved the way for me to buy Ra Dragon as I also have Indra, Isis and Kanna....

Rei Ayanami (1st copy)

I don't think she's very useful but those auto-heal awakenings means she might be useful on Green Odin teams. I like the art a lot too so I can't bare to sell her yet...

I think I also got a silver egg Kaworu roll (Xth copy) in there and sold for MP immediately.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Christmas 2016 rolls

Rank 50 free roll: Xmas Genie (1st copy)

Sold my REM Genie and kept this instead as she's of a higher rarity. I kept Genie because the active might be useful but never end up using or inheriting at all.

Xmas Lilith (2st copy)

I have Awoken Okuni  for delay so I don't see any use of her thus I sold for MP.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My FF Collab (3rd) rolls (Update on Sephiroth #2)

My most wanted cards from this was Lightning and Sephiroth. With that said, I actually rolled mostly on a Cloud's rate increased day as I figured that since it is increased rates, Cloud is the one which works best with dupes... turns out I was being too optimistic! This is also the first time that a Collab Gacha has increase rates for certain cards if I recall correctly. It is also the start of Gungho giving away a free roll for players at Rank 50 and above.

Rank 50 free roll: Zidane (1st copy)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Bleach Collab (2nd) rolls

I decided to roll a lot for Aizen after I saw Reco clearing difficult dungeons with ease. ( That card is just too broken!

Free roll: Sado (1st copy)

He's mostly used inherited on red teams for speed farming dungeons so I'm OK with the roll and kept him.

Sado (2nd copy)

Sado (3rd copy)

I've sold the other 2 copies but found out later that there are use for dupes as teams actually do inherit a few of them! If you have many copies, consider keeping them! I've not really invested into forming those kind of teams though. One thing's for sure, they are going to cost a lot of red pii-s to max skill.

Matsumoto (1st copy)

I think this was my first copy, anyway I don't think she's really useful and I hardly seen her being used. Sold for MP.

I think I stopped here and then it was announced that there will be increased rates for the rare cards so  I rolled again during Aizen's increase rate day...

Kenpaichi (1st copy)

I read he's a troll gold... anyway, his active and awakenings along with his God typing seems pretty good for Yomi Dragon. I've been searching for a replacement for Okuni after I change him to awoken form and Kenpaichi seems OK. However, I didn't manage to farm up his skill up card although I practically farm the Bleach Collab Dungeon throughout its stay. Sold for MP as I didn't want to pii him...

Kisuke (1st copy)

One of my favourite characters from the anime/manga and unlike Kenpaichi, I managed to max skill Kisuke. He did get a slight buff from being rolled by YamaP on stream but I think he will most likely have a use on ALiu Bei teams as a sub or inherit.

In the end I didn't manage to roll Aizen although you can't expect much without in-app purchasing. It's probably worth to start saving stones for when Bleach Collab returns again.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (11/30/2016~12/01/2016) rolls

(I noticed I'm suppose to be referencing last year's rolls so I should add the year '2016' to the blog titles)

This is still 5x rates but the featured cards are all evolved versions so theoretically, I think it makes the rate seem more like 4x(?).

Day 1


My first copy and I was quite happy to get her. I think I knew she is a good sub for UVO Ra Dragon and Light Miru but not to the point that she is actually an important sub, which she is. I made her dark and while she is not hard to find friends from the stranger list of 3, I don't recall every using her. (She's not high tier than the rest that I had so having her in her powerful sub form is more useful) I heard she is really easy to use and the only weakness is a lack of high damage multiplier as you'll usually need a gemstone active for a 1-shot kill. I eventually turn her light for Light Miru, Revo (reincarnate evo) Ra, etc, while the Angelit was skill-up material and managed to get the final skillup along the way. Light Kanna and AIsis are 2 out of 4 subs of the Ra Dragon dream team and I'm almost there...

Day 2
I rolled more on Day 2 as Indian Gods 2.0 were featured and I wanted Ganesha.

Australis (3rd copy)

I kept all copy so far, including this 3rd copy as he's probably useful as an inherit. With that said, I hardly use him as my green box is the most under-developed and the most I see is 2 of him in a UUVO Kushinada team by Paprika ( Hopefully, his evolved form will improve him.

Fuu (Xth copy)

Sold for MP

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM rolls (Update with side-note on Melissa)

Card info:

Free roll: Barbara

It turns out that my best roll was the free roll on hindsight. I kept thinking that I had to use Antares as I mistaken Barbara for being red type like Red Sonia but completely forgotten I actually can use Eschamali and Hamal. Barbara is my first lead of the type that "clear more than 3 connected orbs" and although a little restrictive in subs but seems quite powerful. I haven't used her yet as I wanted to use only when I have all machine subs. (OCD?) There was only 1 up in my existing friends during the GFE Heroine REM period and none now so she isn't "popular" in my list.


She makes an ok sub for Barbara, I seen an Arena run with 4 Kuvia subs, and in red teams but my red teams are not developed other than Xiang Mei. She might be a possible inherit for Xiang Mei subs. I haven't used her once.


A boardchanger is always useful and she also has nice killer awakenings. I could use her in my dark combo leaders but like most of the cards in this set, I have existing subs with more awakenings. I think the upcoming evolutions in February will probably add more awakenings to the cards and make them more useful.

I wanted to roll more because to try to get Meridionalis but didn't because I think when the evolutions are announced in February, the REM should be back. She is a top tier leader and the best card in the set and not Ilumina and Elgenubi that most people focused on before release. (Elgenubi is seen a lot as a sub for Shiva Dragon teams though)

Side-note: Melissa, the dungeon boss and Ilmina skill-up fodder, is one of the few non-REM card that I use frequently; she has a place in my Ilm team: Superman/Saria/Melissa/Awoken Ama, and functions really well as I do not have more Ilms.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (11/18/2016~11/20/2016) rolls

The rates were 5x and it's one of the best rates IMO. You don't quite see such rates in recent times anymore after they adjusted and went back to 4x or lower.

Day 1: Sumire (2nd copy)

I could start leading with Sumire with this second copy as sub but never found the need to because I already have Blue Miru. This second copy worked really well on Blue Miru though, even when unskilled as I normally do short dungeons so I use this copy's skill last and it works out fine. My Blue Miru team used most of the time: Sumire/Sumire/Beach Urd/Sitri.

Day 2: Gremory (1st copy)

It's always exciting to get a 6* GFE and I'm happy with this pull. However, this was before her buff in a later stream and I find myself not having enough optimal subs. I set out to use her anyway and field a team of Hanzo/Yomi Dragon/Awoken Pandora/Juggler. I thought Hanzo's low CD skill can help with her activation but I actually failed a normal descend with that team. I can't remember clear but it was either due to running out of active or no hearts for heart cross. I stop using Gremory after that but things change later and I will come back to Gremory again in a future post. I could buy Xin Hua who is a great Gremory sub but I don't like spending all that MP for just a sub; I'm not interested in leading with Xin Hua.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Rank 150/250 Memorial Rolls (reset on around 07/12/2016)

Izanagi (1st copy)

I never got around to skilling up Light Miru and Awoken Izanagi was a great replacement that I use occasionally even up to recently. With King Tans being able to help speed skilling up light Miru, I will most probably use less of Awoken Izanagi once I have her ready. I hardly use him as a sub as well so hopefully his future reincarnate evolution form improves him.

Lumiel (1st copy)

I hardly use Lumiel at all since I rolled her until recently when i figure she can be the 5th nuke for my Red Odin team.  On hindsight with Dark Athena being available in the MP shop, she does see use on her teams but mostly as an inherit onto a board changer like Awoken Haku.

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan PCGF (9/30/2016~10/2/2016) rolls (with update #2 on Yamantaka and Paimon)

It's been a long time since I posted anything as I planned to play PAD a lot less and was busy with work, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Go. (I'm going to post my tips on those 2 latter games soon since I have some research notes done on them while playing) In the end, I did reduce my playtime on PAD; I now no longer try to maximise my usage of stamina and can let it sit at full without playing. The reason that got me back to playing was Blue Miru during the Summer REM which I bought. I intend to change my posts to focus more on the rolls I get during REM events and to catchup back on the past rolls in future posts.

This PCGF have a lot of relevant cards, it is full of top leaders and subs and is definitely worth rolling IMO. I hope to get one of the two top Green leaders in Kaede and Ronove (I already have Liu Bei) although I am also short of most of the best green subs. Green is currently my weakest color and getting one of those two will be nice with Kaede also being a great green sub. GameWith has a good writeup on this PCGF: https://パズドラ The first list highlights some of the top leaders while the second list does it for some of the top subs.

I voted for Andromeda for my Blue Miru but she didn't got in. Here are my rolls: