Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan PCGF (9/30/2016~10/2/2016) rolls (with update #2 on Yamantaka and Paimon)

It's been a long time since I posted anything as I planned to play PAD a lot less and was busy with work, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Go. (I'm going to post my tips on those 2 latter games soon since I have some research notes done on them while playing) In the end, I did reduce my playtime on PAD; I now no longer try to maximise my usage of stamina and can let it sit at full without playing. The reason that got me back to playing was Blue Miru during the Summer REM which I bought. I intend to change my posts to focus more on the rolls I get during REM events and to catchup back on the past rolls in future posts.

This PCGF have a lot of relevant cards, it is full of top leaders and subs and is definitely worth rolling IMO. I hope to get one of the two top Green leaders in Kaede and Ronove (I already have Liu Bei) although I am also short of most of the best green subs. Green is currently my weakest color and getting one of those two will be nice with Kaede also being a great green sub. GameWith has a good writeup on this PCGF: https://パズドラ The first list highlights some of the top leaders while the second list does it for some of the top subs.

I voted for Andromeda for my Blue Miru but she didn't got in. Here are my rolls:

Non-featured roll and I'm ok with it. This is one of the highly desired sub for Ra Dragon, helping with getting 100% SBR while also having a useful shield active. However, Ra Dragon is no longer the top leader and although still a very good leader, I am short of any Dark Kali-s nevertheless.

With the top Light leaders mainly having heart-cross-built-in shield in the LS, Indra isn't very useful for my Light Miru (and Paimon below) although I did read that if you activate the shield active, it stacks? I'm usually awoken-biased so I should be evolving to that form and the TPA awakenings and haste in active will be more useful.

Yamantaka (Dark Five Wisdom Kings)
I have no idea why this got voted in but he has does have more damage potential over the Light counterpart as he is mainly a mono-colored combo team plus he is able to pair with Awoken Okuni to improve the attack multiplier without relying on the active to boost. I also read that he is able to take down super kings with the "passive" damage in the LS. I search YouTube for his videos but didn't find any speed farming applications at the moment. I'm lazy to use Math so I will just levelled him up to try. With the change in new friend leaders more more likely being the leader in your chosen slot, it's easier to try new leaders even when your current friend list don't have any. Edit: I'm unable to find any leaders that way actually... It seems to only work for popular top tier leaders like Ilm, etc. I might just have to evo Okuni to awoken and use to attract Awoken Okuni friends. That leader pairing seems really useful for resolve bosses as the same Yamantaka leader pairing does not have seem to have enough attack multiplier...

Talking about Awoken Okuni, I still have not evolved mine to that form as I don't want to remove a core member of my Yomi Dragon team. Perhaps the upcoming evo for Yomi Dragon will add dragon-type to the LS but I have no idea how I'm going to get Hera Dragon as she is really difficult to take down and I am not in Japan to use PADR for her as well.

Update: Tried to pair with Yomi Dragon but find it hard as it turns the play-style to Awoken Yomi but without the ample time extension awakenings. It is still better to pair with A. Okuni or as PAD blog suggest, Dark Kanna:

I was actually thinking about this card and then I managed to get him. This is a really nice and the best of my rolls. Although her recommended teams require more copies of her(https://パズドラ similar to the Sumire and Kaede teams, I think I can use Light Miru template teams and I have Saria, Awoken DQXQ, Fuma Kotaro, Moogle and Light Miru. On the other hand, he will make a great sub for Light Miru. They complement each other's team very well.

I like the artwork a lot as well; lots of bling and majestic-looking as a King should look.

Update: I find the card hard to use as it either requires a lot of light orbs in order to deal enough damage with regards to the most recent dungeons, or you have to make 2 light orb crosses and a heart cross which is not easy to achieve, unless you are playing on a 7x6 board. Paimon was given high ratings by GameWith and Game9 but I don't find myself using him often and when I do, I even fail a few descended dungeons with him because I overestimated the damage of 81x with the only light orbs matched being the light cross.

Update#2: Ironically, I end up using Paimon more against enemies with resolve when Yamantaka's LS is meant for that. I just couldn't suitable find friend leaders for Yamantaka and Paimon's damage control just work really well along with the heart-cross defense shield for defence.

2 Melon Dragons
These actually came in 2 separate days and both evolved versions so they came out as gold eggs to troll! After the first Melon Dragon, I went to the quest section to "withdraw" more stones for 2 more rolls...

Final roll! Another top sub for Ra Dragon and also Awoken Ra but I'm no longer using the latter. She is also still used occasionally in Blue teams and is one of the top utility Blue subs plus a very good card to inherit skills onto as her active CD is 3. Bind clearers are not seen as much nowadays as people mostly just go into most dungeons without one and stall their way through any binds, especially with heart-crossed leaders being able to stall well. The quest reward to grant bind immunity to your leader (friend leader not included) also makes binds not as scary as before.