Monday, January 30, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (11/30/2016~12/01/2016) rolls

(I noticed I'm suppose to be referencing last year's rolls so I should add the year '2016' to the blog titles)

This is still 5x rates but the featured cards are all evolved versions so theoretically, I think it makes the rate seem more like 4x(?).

Day 1


My first copy and I was quite happy to get her. I think I knew she is a good sub for UVO Ra Dragon and Light Miru but not to the point that she is actually an important sub, which she is. I made her dark and while she is not hard to find friends from the stranger list of 3, I don't recall every using her. (She's not high tier than the rest that I had so having her in her powerful sub form is more useful) I heard she is really easy to use and the only weakness is a lack of high damage multiplier as you'll usually need a gemstone active for a 1-shot kill. I eventually turn her light for Light Miru, Revo (reincarnate evo) Ra, etc, while the Angelit was skill-up material and managed to get the final skillup along the way. Light Kanna and AIsis are 2 out of 4 subs of the Ra Dragon dream team and I'm almost there...

Day 2
I rolled more on Day 2 as Indian Gods 2.0 were featured and I wanted Ganesha.

Australis (3rd copy)

I kept all copy so far, including this 3rd copy as he's probably useful as an inherit. With that said, I hardly use him as my green box is the most under-developed and the most I see is 2 of him in a UUVO Kushinada team by Paprika ( Hopefully, his evolved form will improve him.

Fuu (Xth copy)

Sold for MP