Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (11/18/2016~11/20/2016) rolls

The rates were 5x and it's one of the best rates IMO. You don't quite see such rates in recent times anymore after they adjusted and went back to 4x or lower.

Day 1: Sumire (2nd copy)

I could start leading with Sumire with this second copy as sub but never found the need to because I already have Blue Miru. This second copy worked really well on Blue Miru though, even when unskilled as I normally do short dungeons so I use this copy's skill last and it works out fine. My Blue Miru team used most of the time: Sumire/Sumire/Beach Urd/Sitri.

Day 2: Gremory (1st copy)

It's always exciting to get a 6* GFE and I'm happy with this pull. However, this was before her buff in a later stream and I find myself not having enough optimal subs. I set out to use her anyway and field a team of Hanzo/Yomi Dragon/Awoken Pandora/Juggler. I thought Hanzo's low CD skill can help with her activation but I actually failed a normal descend with that team. I can't remember clear but it was either due to running out of active or no hearts for heart cross. I stop using Gremory after that but things change later and I will come back to Gremory again in a future post. I could buy Xin Hua who is a great Gremory sub but I don't like spending all that MP for just a sub; I'm not interested in leading with Xin Hua.