Friday, September 30, 2011

Marvel VS Trading Card Game For Win PC: try for free

This is a free game download for Windows PC that's like a demo and you can learn how to play as well as try a few matches. The download is about 1GB.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you a Marvel Comic Book/Movie fan?

I've been playing Marvel TCG on my DS nowadays and it's not a bad card game. Way back before I started playing Magic: TG, I actually played another Marvel Collectible Card Game called Overpower. Marvel TCG is better than that and you also get to control more Marvel Super Heroes. The game is also available on the PSP and PC. The card game itself is no longer in supported by the creators, Upper Deck. If I can find a shop selling, I don't mind picking up some cards.

The game is basically sorta-like a hybrid between Magic and Yugioh. You require resources to play stuff and your resources go face-down and can be flipped up to activate its effect. The decks you can build are basically the super hero and villain teams like X-men, Avengers to Brotherhood and Sinister Syndicate. There are location cards which are like field spells or continuous spell/trap and equipment cards like equip cards, which just like in Yugioh, are mostly not played in decks. Other than the characters cards which are your "monsters", there are plot twists which are like quick-play spells.

The interface in DS is not really very user-friendly and if you make a mistake, there's no cancellation available. If you choose to attack by accident, you have to attack even if it means ramming into a mightier opponent. Yugioh's video games have much better interface but in the first place, they are created by Konami, a video game company. Yugioh's fixed playing surface of monster and spell/trap positioning also makes fitting everything into a screen easier. Konami is the publisher for the Marvel TCG game but unfortunately, the designer/maker.

I've now formed a Spidey-friends and X-men beatdown deck while there are some resources and decklist online and gamefaqs, you still feel the incentive to try things out and be creative. Nowadays, Shriek's posting loads of OCG tournament decklists and it is always the same few decks topping. Marvel TCG is a refreshing change and after all, you can always try to build and use a team that you like and the game will not be too entirely unbalanced.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tag Force 6 Starter Deck Guide

This year's Tag Force give a total of 3 starter decks and no side-deck which really isn't required. There is a XYZ Rescue Rabbit deck, a synchro Scrap deck and a no-extra-pile Anti-meta Core Chimail deck. This amounts to about 100 cards in your card library at the beginning. I looked at the decklists from Yugioh Wikia and picked out the better cards in my opinion to form my own starter deck and I ended up with a Anti-meta Rescue Rabbit deck.

20 Monsters
3 Hunter Dragon
3 Clown Zombie
1 Beast King Barbaros
1 D.D. Assailant
1 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
1 Chaos Sorceror (recommended to download Sept ban-list and rent BLS to replace this)
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon
2 Rescue Rabbit
1 D.D. Warrior Lady
1 Card Trooper
1 Sangan
1 Doomcaliber Knight
1 Rai-oh
1 Summon Priest

10 Spells
1 Wiseman's Chalice
1 Swing of Memories
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Lightning Vortex (until you get Dark Hole)
1 Forbidden Chalice
1 Creature Swap
1 My Body as Shield
1 Symbols of Duty
1 Burden of the Mighty

10 Traps
1 Solemn Warning
1 Dimensional Prison
1 Trap Stun
1 Bottomless Traphole
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Dust Tornado (until you get another MST)
1 Trap Hole (until you get another Bottomeless)
1 Sakuretsu Armor (until you get another D. Prison)
1 Dark Bribe (until you get Solemn Judgement)
1 Raigeiki Break

I am a little tired of Yugioh at the moment so I'll probably wait for the US version of Tag Force 6. Until then, happy dueling!

DS WC2011 Junk Doppel (Sept 2011 list)

Final deck I'll be posting and this is also the deck I started out with. The starting deck given already has quite the number of cards and if you play the free duels, a lot of more of the deck cards can be gotten before you even start story mode.

I'm missing Formula Synchron and Shooting Quasar Dragon but this deck is already pretty strong as it is. Junk synchron and Doppelwarrior makes 3100 Junk warrior and is a suitable replacement for TG Liberian here because he's not in the game. This should be the 2nd deck that can summon the Chaos boss monsters after Lightlords.

I'm close to making a Worm deck, GB deck and X-saber deck in the game but I won't be continuing. X-saber is missing the extra pack 4 cards in this game anyway so it will never be complete.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

DS WC2011 Infernity (Sept 2011 list)

I believe Infernities come in two forms: beetle-based and avenger-based until I read about the loop with Brionac, hundred eyes dragon and leviair. I think that build might replace plaguespreader with a beetle. Anyway, WC2011 Infernity can never be complete due to no Infernity Barriers, although I am also missing hundred eyes. That card is a staple for Infernity.

3 MST is not required.

Magic:TG double-sided cards

I read an interesting concept coming in Magic's next set, Innistrad. There are new cards that are printed on both sides and will transform to its other side when conditions are met. You'll need card sleeves of you want to use them your deck or have to use a provided card as representation and keep the double-sided card in the extra pile. This makes Magic interesting!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tag Force 6 Starter Deck #1 XYZ Rabbit

The deck list is out at yugioh wikia tag force 6 page. It seems like the biggest extra deck ever provided in a game starter. The deck also looks pretty competitive right from the start with quite a lot of good cards and the deck promotes XYZ monsters very well.

Leviair is in there and combos well with Chaos Sorcerer, Rescue Rabbit, Mezuki and Ghost ship. The deck is 42 cards so I suggest reducing to 40 by removing Oni-Gami combo and Star changer spells.

Update: It appears there are more cards in the trunk. You also start with two other decks and there are many good cards to include to boost the XYZ rabbit deck. I'm going to look through and combine them to see what I can come up with!

DS WC2011 Blackwings (Sept 2011 list)

I'm missing Zephyrus and Jin the Rain Shadow to replace mystic tomato and spirit reaper and the standard deck will be complete. The other deck is Blackwing Graveyard.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yugioh Tag Force 6 first month's DLC Schedule

I'm posted it here for easy future reference.

September 22nd, 2011: Forbidden & Limited Fall 2011, Crimson Blader, Sonic Warrior, Star Bright Dragon, and Influence Dragon
September 29th, 2011: Number 39: Utopia
October 6th, 2011: Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
October 13th, 2011: Number 10: Illuminknight
October 20th, 2011: Thunder End Dragon

Credits to cashman_11 posted on gamefaqs board

I saw another post saying the Sept 22 download contains XYZ Gadget recipe. The notable thing about that deck is that it uses 2 Summon Priests.

DS WC2011 Dragunity (Sept 2011 list)

I figure I'll do one more deck post as the previous one was rather short. Tag Force 6 is already out and I'll be posting on about that soon.

I've made the Core Chimail Drago and haven't unlocked Blackwing Zephyros but the deck still works. There are comments about Six Samurai being auto pilot and I think Dragunity isn't much different. There are only a couple of standard plays you can make with their monsters. I did make Trident Dragon a few times, once using Leyvaten but I eventually removed that card as it was not useful enough. It has to be one of the weaker boss monster of the recent structure decks.

As I mention in the six samurai post, first turn or one turn Stardust dragon doesn't happen often, as it takes around a combi of 3 cards.

DS WC2011 Machina Gadgets (Sept 2011 list)

I haven't really used this much because I played the physical version quite a lot. It's not too hard to build both in real life and in the game. Tragodias work well with gadgets, so the Sept ban-list does help the deck somewhat.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About that Infernity Loop...

Back on my computer now, I saw my oversized posted images and had to fix them!

Just saw the post by Maxilicious over at Duel Like an Idol blog. You can get the Konami articles about that play from the links he provided and see that huge wall of text describing the play in that feature match. I further researched it over at the Pojo Infernity Guide and Discussion Thread and came up with more info from the posters over there. I think this can help sell Extra Pack 4 boxes for the Infernity Barriers. Personally, I'm going to build it in Tag Force 6.

I think the origins of this combo might have come from Satoshi Kato who posted on his Facebook page. Paul Clarke, a.k.a. YGOTRADER101, did a video explaining it clearly, so do check it out. Basically, it is a Hundred-eyes loop (Scroll to the bottom to see the steps to the loop. It is always shown at the bottom of the Pojo Infernity thread's first post) with the addition of Brionac and Leviair.

XYZ summons really add a new dimension to Infernity where you might get start previously due to inability to get out tuners or running out of field space for monsters but XYZ just opens up the way for you. In my WC2011 plays, I thought the Beetles-based Infernity deck will be able to XYZ more. It seems like this deck uses 2 Avengers and 1 Beetle so no Gachi Gachi Gentetsu plays.

DS WC2011 Agent decks (Sept 2011 list)

My iPhone battery went flat yesterday from playing games and I couldn't post. My deck pictures are inside. I went through my other deck pictures and realize I have other decks that were completed before Six Samurai but left them out. So the rest of my decks are in no particular order.

The decks based on structure decks were completed fairly early and I'll start with the more popular one. I basically net-decked them from Japan tournament/National and the ritual one is by Luke Mattingly of YCS Providence.

For the standard build, I find Gellenduo very useful in stalling and tribute summoning the boss monsters but in the end I went with the Japan World Champion's tech choice, Sagan. No exceeds in WC2011 really brings out the importance of hahi gachi gentetsu, Venus play becomes less explosive and Earth hardly stays around long enough to synchro. Hyperions are still powerful plays though.

The gravekeeper version was ok. I ever survive to use United we stand but that's about the only extra trick for the deck. BLS hardly see much play. The ritual version also did ok but my favorite is still standard agents.

Edit: I realized I'm missing Ally Genex Birdman which I did not unlock. This will help with the Venus play as the game lacks Gentetsu.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DS WC 2011 Six Samurai (Sept 2011 List)

I'm very late to the Six Samurai theme and I'm quite surprised that this is one of my completed decks. There are not much changes I want to make, or can make.

Six samurai is a deck which has elements of X-sabers and GB in them. It was nerfed in the recent ban-list and the deck I built was based on that list but I still find the deck fairly strong. I can still constantly synchro Shi En and in my plays, I can consistently get first turn Shi En over first turn Stardust Dragon in dragunity. Shien also stops Dimensional Prison whereas Stardust can't.

My deck choices to replaced the restricted cards are Grand Mole and the spirit of six samurai. Grand mole is useful and can also synchro for Naturia Beast. I ever had it and Shien on the field at the same time. I did try try 2 Magatama of Musakani but hardly use one, so I reduce to 1.

Currently, Six Samurai has new tricks from packs not found in WC 2011, like asceticism of the six samurai and shien's dojo. Overall, the deck is fun and strong and I enjoy using it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dueling with the Planeswalkers

It's been over 10 years since I last played Magic:The Gathering(MTG) and today I'm finally back at it. I tried out Magic 2012 trial on PS3 and I liked it, so I bought a $20 value PSN card(cost SGD$39) to buy it off the US Playstation Store. The game cost only USD$9.99 which makes it the cheapest digital card game so far in my library! I wasn't sure if my credit card will work for the US store and PSN was also hacked not too long ago where credit card accounts got stolen so...

After playing so many handheld digital card games, it's nice to play one in 720p HD quality. MTG also used painting quality art and the interface is also very sleek and beautiful. My knowledge of the game was rusty but there are tips throughout that help.

One note about the game, the decks are pre-constructed and you are only allowed to unlock and change 15 cards so you do not get to build your own deck in the game. It is a refreshing change and players can pick up the game immediately without having to search for deck recipes. I rely on my old knowledge from this Inquest magazine that rates MTG cards that helps me choose cards which I think it is better to modify the deck. Once you unlock cards, you have to go to the deck manager to edit as the com just adds them into the deck. Similar to Yugioh, you'll want to keep your deck size to the min allowed; 60.

There is also the previous version, Magic Duel of the Planeswalkers 2011. I read some comparisons and it seems that 2012 has improvements and a better interface. There was a forum poster that mentioned 2011 decks are more fun. I tried out the 2011 trial and it didn't appeal to me at all. 2012's expansion is also out recently(14 Sept) as a download content for US$4.99 and it adds more stuff like unlockable cards and I will be spending the rest of the $20 value on that.

Update: I really need to tell you that the loading times on the game are horrible! It loads for a long time even when loading up a deck in the Deck Manager which I think is unacceptable for a game that is run from the hard-disk.

About card sharking in Yugioh

Interesting post by Michael Bonacini.

I agree with lightgrunty's comments that we should differentiate between catching people for breaking rules to people who deliberately break them. That said, it is hard to tell the difference unless you have lots of experiencing in reading people. I've personally see people attempt to cheat while playing friendly matches(casually mix hand down and picking up set backrow back to hand). There are such people around. A lot of the situations will not happen for DS WC play.

Another thing I discovered about the blogger app, you can only post full links in your post. It's a really simplified interface at the moment and hopefully more features can added soon

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Closing up DS WC 2011

I'm moving on from this game to other games and Tag Force 6 is also looming near. I'll be posting the rest of my decks and most are missing a few cards. I left out the free duel section of the game and covered 3 duels a-piece with a lot of NPCs after-game.

I'll be leaving it like that and only be picking up to play infrequently. Yugioh is getting a little boring with all the standard decks and card plays. I've bought the Marvel Trading Card game for DS on the cheap ($19+) from Bras Basah Popular Bookstore outlet (Singapore) so look out for future posts on that.

I've been using the blogger iPhone app to post and it is working well and very convenient. I'm also more incline to include pictures as the camera is on board. However, I think there is a lack of options for formatting multiple images so my deck postings will come individually each with picture(s). Images only come at the bottom of the post and I don't even have control over their order. I had to repeatedly delete and insert the bottom two pictures until I get the order I want. I'll post my deck(s) from tomorrow onwards.

First off, this is my duel runner and it is most probably final unless I continue to play post-game to source for more parts. For people starting out the game, I will recommend buying these parts from the start going from version to version. I've yet to figure out the parts combi to win those races that decide the start of Turbo Duels!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The use of 2 Tragoedias

I was using Chaos Lightlord facing off the shopkeeper's Arcana deck in WC2011. I did not get out any boss monsters and my hand and field was getting wiped out and I had a lumina left with Arkus, card trooper and Tragoedia in hand. She got 3 Arcana monsters on the field and use them to summon the Arcana boss monster, level 10 with 4000 attack.

She attacked with it and destroyed my lumina and I summoned Tragoedia. Next turn, I draw my other Tragoedia... :D

I wanted to save the replay but was too used to skipping the replay save option that I missed it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ocg X-sabers and dragons to take off?

I've read about the next structure deck as well as extra pack 4's rarity revelations. (from duelinglegacy and shriek) It seems like X-sabers might be a deck to look out for according to Konami's pricing.

Xx-saber darksoul is the key card to x-sabers and with 2 call of the haunted to combo with, it is an ultra rare and i think Konami expects it to help sell boxes of extra pack 4. With darksoul, you only need to run 2 faultrolls and boggart knights, just search up on the TCG top x-saber decks and take a look. We'll see if x-sabers rises to top tier in OCG. OCG Top tiers in my opinion currently consists of: lightlords, agents and Junk

A little speculation on the likely reprints in that upcoming dragon structure. I'm guessing it will include this: red eyes metal darkness dragon, light and darkness dragon and cards of consonance. Tag force 6 comes with a dragon tuner too, so it might go with the structure deck well. Can't wait for Tag force 6!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yugioh Amsterdam DS World Championship 2011 Top 8 Youtube Videos

I happen to find some of their replay videos on Youtube, posted by Eduard Álvarez who came in third place. He used an Antimeta deck.

Eduard's Youtube Channel

The winner went to Lee Jong-Hwan and he used a Dragunity deck.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chaos Lightlord playtested in WC Championship 2011

I'm actually missing Gorz and Trishula (packs are not unlocked in the game yet) but it doesn't matter as this deck is surprisingly consistent, even with 8 boss monsters. This is built just like the French Twilight deck except I tweaked it as I play along. Initially, I think I had problem getting Dark Armed Dragon (DAD) out but after adding Sagan, I mange to summon it too. I used 1 of every Lightsworn except for Lyla as I need her to clear backrows immediately. 2 MSTs are used and it is enough. I find that Card troopers make a good combo with the backed-up Tragoedia in hand.

Graveyard Monster Retrieval choice are 2 Beckoning "I win" Light and 1 Monster Reincarnation and it is working well. Reinforcement of the Army (Rota) is always useful, acting as another Lightsworn warrior monster. Some of the OCG tournament Chaos Lightlord decks did not use Necro Gardna-s and I did the same here and never missed them at all. With a good hand, you can summon boss monster after boss monster if you manage the light and dark counts in your graveyard well. Somethings, I only use the Chaos monsters to win.

For the Turbo version, I kept the monster and trap lineup and fill up with the relevant speed spells that I have. Speed Force and Angel Baton are stables. I fill the rest up with the Lightsworn spells and backrow hate. Gap Storm is an interesting alternative to Heavy Storm.

Lightsworns may be auto-pilot where the deck just play itself, there are still moments where you need to ponder over the graveyard control to summon your boss monsters. This is easily my most powerful WC Championship 2011 deck and I have not unlocked all packs but I do not intend to change it much. Perhaps, I will remove a Chaos Sorceror for a Gorz when I get it later. I win almost all games fairly quickly and without breaking a sweat. When facing Remove from Game decks, just mill as fast as possible and play conservatively after that while trying to get rid of Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmo. A general rule when playing Lightsworns is that you only need to mill 4 Lightworns.

Note: In case you didn't know, BLS's first effect includes removing monsters which are face-down.

Tour Guide got "nerfed" but still good in Dark World

With the ubiquity and speed of the Internet, this is already old news: TCG XYZ Material Monster rulings now match OCG rulings. Tour Guide from the Underworld should now be mostly used in Dark World.

It seems like there is quite a few decks in OCG that do not reach their full potential due to TCG exclusives. Lightsworns and Charge of the Light Brigade, Infernities and Infernity Barrier, X-Sabers and X-saber Darksoul. Now, it is Dark World and Tour Guide from the Underworld.

Tour Guide play in Dark World involves searching for Broww to bounce for Grapha or to XYZ and detach as fuel for Gate of the Dark World. If Tour Guide is available in OCG, I will put 3 into the Dark World deck.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Agent Angels Impressions from DS WC Championship 2011

Finally got my digital copy of Lost Santuary Structure. The game made it so it was the last structure deck to be unlocked. =(

I tried out Agent and my first impression is that after summoning the Agent of Earth, it is hard to keep it on the field unprotected. There are also no Gachi Gachi Gantetsu for the Agent of Venus/Mystical Shine Ball play in this game. I've tried out the Gravekeeper (GK) variant from the Japan Nationals Qualifier and I think it is not as good as the standard build. I think the whole point was to get out a lot of monsters to equip with United We Stand and I did manage to pull that off in one game. 2 GK Spy and 1 United We Stand-equipped Venus with 2 Shine Balls = Venus at 5600 attack. The one good thing with the GK splash is that it allows for BLS.

I've made a lot of other decks and will post all of them soon.