Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you a Marvel Comic Book/Movie fan?

I've been playing Marvel TCG on my DS nowadays and it's not a bad card game. Way back before I started playing Magic: TG, I actually played another Marvel Collectible Card Game called Overpower. Marvel TCG is better than that and you also get to control more Marvel Super Heroes. The game is also available on the PSP and PC. The card game itself is no longer in supported by the creators, Upper Deck. If I can find a shop selling, I don't mind picking up some cards.

The game is basically sorta-like a hybrid between Magic and Yugioh. You require resources to play stuff and your resources go face-down and can be flipped up to activate its effect. The decks you can build are basically the super hero and villain teams like X-men, Avengers to Brotherhood and Sinister Syndicate. There are location cards which are like field spells or continuous spell/trap and equipment cards like equip cards, which just like in Yugioh, are mostly not played in decks. Other than the characters cards which are your "monsters", there are plot twists which are like quick-play spells.

The interface in DS is not really very user-friendly and if you make a mistake, there's no cancellation available. If you choose to attack by accident, you have to attack even if it means ramming into a mightier opponent. Yugioh's video games have much better interface but in the first place, they are created by Konami, a video game company. Yugioh's fixed playing surface of monster and spell/trap positioning also makes fitting everything into a screen easier. Konami is the publisher for the Marvel TCG game but unfortunately, the designer/maker.

I've now formed a Spidey-friends and X-men beatdown deck while there are some resources and decklist online and gamefaqs, you still feel the incentive to try things out and be creative. Nowadays, Shriek's posting loads of OCG tournament decklists and it is always the same few decks topping. Marvel TCG is a refreshing change and after all, you can always try to build and use a team that you like and the game will not be too entirely unbalanced.