Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ocg X-sabers and dragons to take off?

I've read about the next structure deck as well as extra pack 4's rarity revelations. (from duelinglegacy and shriek) It seems like X-sabers might be a deck to look out for according to Konami's pricing.

Xx-saber darksoul is the key card to x-sabers and with 2 call of the haunted to combo with, it is an ultra rare and i think Konami expects it to help sell boxes of extra pack 4. With darksoul, you only need to run 2 faultrolls and boggart knights, just search up on the TCG top x-saber decks and take a look. We'll see if x-sabers rises to top tier in OCG. OCG Top tiers in my opinion currently consists of: lightlords, agents and Junk

A little speculation on the likely reprints in that upcoming dragon structure. I'm guessing it will include this: red eyes metal darkness dragon, light and darkness dragon and cards of consonance. Tag force 6 comes with a dragon tuner too, so it might go with the structure deck well. Can't wait for Tag force 6!