Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About that Infernity Loop...

Back on my computer now, I saw my oversized posted images and had to fix them!

Just saw the post by Maxilicious over at Duel Like an Idol blog. You can get the Konami articles about that play from the links he provided and see that huge wall of text describing the play in that feature match. I further researched it over at the Pojo Infernity Guide and Discussion Thread and came up with more info from the posters over there. I think this can help sell Extra Pack 4 boxes for the Infernity Barriers. Personally, I'm going to build it in Tag Force 6.

I think the origins of this combo might have come from Satoshi Kato who posted on his Facebook page. Paul Clarke, a.k.a. YGOTRADER101, did a video explaining it clearly, so do check it out. Basically, it is a Hundred-eyes loop (Scroll to the bottom to see the steps to the loop. It is always shown at the bottom of the Pojo Infernity thread's first post) with the addition of Brionac and Leviair.

XYZ summons really add a new dimension to Infernity where you might get start previously due to inability to get out tuners or running out of field space for monsters but XYZ just opens up the way for you. In my WC2011 plays, I thought the Beetles-based Infernity deck will be able to XYZ more. It seems like this deck uses 2 Avengers and 1 Beetle so no Gachi Gachi Gentetsu plays.