Friday, September 2, 2011

Agent Angels Impressions from DS WC Championship 2011

Finally got my digital copy of Lost Santuary Structure. The game made it so it was the last structure deck to be unlocked. =(

I tried out Agent and my first impression is that after summoning the Agent of Earth, it is hard to keep it on the field unprotected. There are also no Gachi Gachi Gantetsu for the Agent of Venus/Mystical Shine Ball play in this game. I've tried out the Gravekeeper (GK) variant from the Japan Nationals Qualifier and I think it is not as good as the standard build. I think the whole point was to get out a lot of monsters to equip with United We Stand and I did manage to pull that off in one game. 2 GK Spy and 1 United We Stand-equipped Venus with 2 Shine Balls = Venus at 5600 attack. The one good thing with the GK splash is that it allows for BLS.

I've made a lot of other decks and will post all of them soon.