Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DS WC2011 Agent decks (Sept 2011 list)

My iPhone battery went flat yesterday from playing games and I couldn't post. My deck pictures are inside. I went through my other deck pictures and realize I have other decks that were completed before Six Samurai but left them out. So the rest of my decks are in no particular order.

The decks based on structure decks were completed fairly early and I'll start with the more popular one. I basically net-decked them from Japan tournament/National and the ritual one is by Luke Mattingly of YCS Providence.

For the standard build, I find Gellenduo very useful in stalling and tribute summoning the boss monsters but in the end I went with the Japan World Champion's tech choice, Sagan. No exceeds in WC2011 really brings out the importance of hahi gachi gentetsu, Venus play becomes less explosive and Earth hardly stays around long enough to synchro. Hyperions are still powerful plays though.

The gravekeeper version was ok. I ever survive to use United we stand but that's about the only extra trick for the deck. BLS hardly see much play. The ritual version also did ok but my favorite is still standard agents.

Edit: I realized I'm missing Ally Genex Birdman which I did not unlock. This will help with the Venus play as the game lacks Gentetsu.