Sunday, September 25, 2011

DS WC2011 Junk Doppel (Sept 2011 list)

Final deck I'll be posting and this is also the deck I started out with. The starting deck given already has quite the number of cards and if you play the free duels, a lot of more of the deck cards can be gotten before you even start story mode.

I'm missing Formula Synchron and Shooting Quasar Dragon but this deck is already pretty strong as it is. Junk synchron and Doppelwarrior makes 3100 Junk warrior and is a suitable replacement for TG Liberian here because he's not in the game. This should be the 2nd deck that can summon the Chaos boss monsters after Lightlords.

I'm close to making a Worm deck, GB deck and X-saber deck in the game but I won't be continuing. X-saber is missing the extra pack 4 cards in this game anyway so it will never be complete.