Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chaos Lightlord playtested in WC Championship 2011

I'm actually missing Gorz and Trishula (packs are not unlocked in the game yet) but it doesn't matter as this deck is surprisingly consistent, even with 8 boss monsters. This is built just like the French Twilight deck except I tweaked it as I play along. Initially, I think I had problem getting Dark Armed Dragon (DAD) out but after adding Sagan, I mange to summon it too. I used 1 of every Lightsworn except for Lyla as I need her to clear backrows immediately. 2 MSTs are used and it is enough. I find that Card troopers make a good combo with the backed-up Tragoedia in hand.

Graveyard Monster Retrieval choice are 2 Beckoning "I win" Light and 1 Monster Reincarnation and it is working well. Reinforcement of the Army (Rota) is always useful, acting as another Lightsworn warrior monster. Some of the OCG tournament Chaos Lightlord decks did not use Necro Gardna-s and I did the same here and never missed them at all. With a good hand, you can summon boss monster after boss monster if you manage the light and dark counts in your graveyard well. Somethings, I only use the Chaos monsters to win.

For the Turbo version, I kept the monster and trap lineup and fill up with the relevant speed spells that I have. Speed Force and Angel Baton are stables. I fill the rest up with the Lightsworn spells and backrow hate. Gap Storm is an interesting alternative to Heavy Storm.

Lightsworns may be auto-pilot where the deck just play itself, there are still moments where you need to ponder over the graveyard control to summon your boss monsters. This is easily my most powerful WC Championship 2011 deck and I have not unlocked all packs but I do not intend to change it much. Perhaps, I will remove a Chaos Sorceror for a Gorz when I get it later. I win almost all games fairly quickly and without breaking a sweat. When facing Remove from Game decks, just mill as fast as possible and play conservatively after that while trying to get rid of Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmo. A general rule when playing Lightsworns is that you only need to mill 4 Lightworns.

Note: In case you didn't know, BLS's first effect includes removing monsters which are face-down.