Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DS WC 2011 Six Samurai (Sept 2011 List)

I'm very late to the Six Samurai theme and I'm quite surprised that this is one of my completed decks. There are not much changes I want to make, or can make.

Six samurai is a deck which has elements of X-sabers and GB in them. It was nerfed in the recent ban-list and the deck I built was based on that list but I still find the deck fairly strong. I can still constantly synchro Shi En and in my plays, I can consistently get first turn Shi En over first turn Stardust Dragon in dragunity. Shien also stops Dimensional Prison whereas Stardust can't.

My deck choices to replaced the restricted cards are Grand Mole and the spirit of six samurai. Grand mole is useful and can also synchro for Naturia Beast. I ever had it and Shien on the field at the same time. I did try try 2 Magatama of Musakani but hardly use one, so I reduce to 1.

Currently, Six Samurai has new tricks from packs not found in WC 2011, like asceticism of the six samurai and shien's dojo. Overall, the deck is fun and strong and I enjoy using it.