Thursday, September 22, 2011

DS WC2011 Dragunity (Sept 2011 list)

I figure I'll do one more deck post as the previous one was rather short. Tag Force 6 is already out and I'll be posting on about that soon.

I've made the Core Chimail Drago and haven't unlocked Blackwing Zephyros but the deck still works. There are comments about Six Samurai being auto pilot and I think Dragunity isn't much different. There are only a couple of standard plays you can make with their monsters. I did make Trident Dragon a few times, once using Leyvaten but I eventually removed that card as it was not useful enough. It has to be one of the weaker boss monster of the recent structure decks.

As I mention in the six samurai post, first turn or one turn Stardust dragon doesn't happen often, as it takes around a combi of 3 cards.