Friday, August 28, 2015

My pick of Hearthstone The Grand Tournament links to check out (Updated with new links about the Secrets Paladin deck)

The Grand Tournament (TGT) is now out and there is a lot of excitement about this expansion. I picked some of the links about it that are worth checking out below:

1) Reynad picks the most overpowered TGT cards to craft discussion on Hearthstone Subreddit:

Be sure to check out the PCGamer article link for his writeup on all the cards. I agree with most of the cards he has on the list but I prefer to take the list as cards to watch out for. It's still better to wait for the deck lists to get standardised before deciding if you need to craft them. The most important rule to remember is actually not to disenchant non-dupe cards you get from TGT until deck lists standardised. I made the mistake of disenchanting Imp-losion very early and have to re-craft them after not getting them from packs again.

The only cards that I'm tempted to craft if I can't get them in packs are Lock and Load because I can see the potential in that and also am interested in trying out a new kind of deck; spell-centric Hunter.

Update: I think Reynad's list does not have enough Shaman cards which I thought had quite a big buff with more totem support cards from TGT, so here is StrifeCro's Top 10 Grand Tournament Cards that will change the game Hearthstone Subreddit discussion for further reference:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan version's EVA Collab Gacha Card Info (Updated with Game8 card ratings link)

EVA Collab Ult Stats, Buffs/Changes @JP

GameWith Card ratings: http://パズドラ
*NEW* Game8 Card ratings:

Misato's UVO makes her a very good sub for red teams and is probably the best gold egg for the collab. Regarding skill up cards for the collab REM, only the 2 golds and 2 of the silver eggs, Shinji and Asuka are getting them which makes most of the silver eggs in the collab not that good. Silver egg Shinji is probably going to be the more useful silver egg to use as a sub while Asuka remains the same good low cost leader or red attacker leader to pair with Misato.

The thing about collab silver eggs in general for me is that, unless they have skill up cards available or if their AS is really unique and useful like Baggi, they most probably aren't going to see much use unskilled as there are most probably better cards to pii than them.

Unless you're a fan of Evangelion, I don't really think it is really worth it to roll this collab REM a lot as there isn't anything that is unique and powerful in it. Saving your stones, especially if you are non-IAP, for Godfest is probably a better choice.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Shinrabansho Collab Cards (Edited in latest Collab renewal with Game8 ratings link)

Update#5 (1 Aug 2015): New cards and evolutions at The silver egg cards with color resist awakening get an additional resist awakening each. GameWith has the card ratings for the Collab cards. I like the additional collaboration with Kapibara-san where you can evolved cards to get a branching evolution with Kapibara-san art style. After evaluating the teams that I have, I actually find it more worthwhile to roll in the normal REM during favourable Godfest combination for subs or better leaders so I will not be rolling Collab REM that much from now onwards. The normal REM also do generally give out more Monster Points in comparison too. Edit: Here's Game8's Shinrabansho Collab card ratings.

Update#4 (17 July 2015): I didn't use Kai, my silver egg roll, in my teams but he seems pretty good for Hathor as he covers dark while providing a x2 burst from the AS which is something I do not have for her team at the moment.

Update#3 (09 July 2015): It's been quite a few months and it seems like the other regions have gotten the collab. Looking back now, some of the cards that stood out for me as being mentioned once in a while are silver egg Shinra Sun God Apollo and gold egg Kiriko. Apollo is a pretty good replacement for Nim, as a Urd sub and I do regret not rolling more to try to get him since I have an Urd team. The gold egg Kiriko seemed to be mentioned as a sub for mono red teams once in a while. I hardly find any of the 3 gold egg leaders when checking through the 3 invader friends in the friend list but that's just my experience.

Update#2: I did my single roll and got Kai, the Dark/Light Devil/God silver egg. On closer inspection, he seems like a decent Light Kali sub with the damage enhance that should reach a lot of the team which is usually light heavy. The skill boost and skill bind resist is also always welcome and useful. The animation for the collab gacha machine has a slight change in animation as this time the magic stone that goes as well as a piece of wafer attached. The animation could have changed to be slower to allow us to see the wafer easier IMO though. (Edit: The silver eggs do not require evolving to the final form which is nice!)

Update: PAD Skyozora has the info on the dungeon cards and it turns out that all the collab eggs get skill up cards in the form of "cards" which is really so fitting if you read up on Shinra Bansho in the link below. Personally, I find that this promotes the gacha machine too as I sometimes find it a waste to feed away the skill up cards if I manage to amass quite a few, so it can encourage rolling the gacha.  Card 1984/85 is a a decent "poor man" version of Archangel Metatron with a longer cool down for the bind removal and heal active skill, nice HP and high RCV stats, while having the important 100 % bind resist awakenings. Judging by her evolution materials, she is probably a sub-boss or rare invade card though.

What is Shinra Bansho? It turns out they are a brand of chocolate wafer with collectible trading cards by Bandai. The collab is back this time with its own Gacha machine and the gacha card information is out at Puzzle Dragon X. Most of the cards feature the same art style of the Shinra Bansho product except the gold cards were illustrated by PAD staff and denoted with "another" in their names, which explains the difference in looks. I don't know too much about the history behind the Shinra Bansho characters but Kiriko and Asmodeus look just like they came from one of the PAD God series.

Overall, I think all the cards seem to have their use so there is probably no harm rolling for them. (Edit: None on the level of usefulness of the Battle Tournament Gacha Silver eggs though IMO) The silver eggs are good low cost cards with Apollo is basically like a Chinese God but without the full board change active. Most of the silver eggs also have attribute damage reduction and a nuke plus attack boost in their actives. Mebius is the only silver egg that differs in actives; having dark orb enhance with Change the World. His awakenings does however shoehorns him into dark orb enhance teams. Ever since the re-balancing of the game by Gungho where more cards are buffed to be more useful, I don't think there has been any active skills that were designed to only be useful situationally.

The gold eggs, are also quite good, although none are at the level of the Juggler understandably. Kiriko and Saiga are new color variations to the Norn Godfest exclusives with quite a few strong farmable subs including Ultimate evolution Goemon and Athena. Saiga also continues the "tradition" of collab cards getting skill-up cards in the collab dungeon. Asmodeus, on the other hand, has quite a few people labelling her as Devil Hathor and while she does not gain an RCV boost like Hathor, they probably are right to call her so. Her full board change active skill is very powerful as well and probably more useful than Hathor's gravity active IMO. I think she is definitely one card that will gain popularity in friend leaders. (Durga's in the upcoming Godfest as well, probably planned?, as she has great synergy with Asmodeus, using her as sub in the team)

There are a lot of good cards in the Gacha so I think it doesn't hurt to roll a little for collection as this is the first appearance of the Gacha too. None of the cards are essential, just like most collab gacha-s except the Juggler, but they mostly can be useful and if you score the gold eggs, they make for good leaders too. I'm definitely still saving most of my stones for the upcoming Final Fantasy Collab though.