Friday, August 28, 2015

My pick of Hearthstone The Grand Tournament links to check out (Updated with new links about the Secrets Paladin deck)

The Grand Tournament (TGT) is now out and there is a lot of excitement about this expansion. I picked some of the links about it that are worth checking out below:

1) Reynad picks the most overpowered TGT cards to craft discussion on Hearthstone Subreddit:

Be sure to check out the PCGamer article link for his writeup on all the cards. I agree with most of the cards he has on the list but I prefer to take the list as cards to watch out for. It's still better to wait for the deck lists to get standardised before deciding if you need to craft them. The most important rule to remember is actually not to disenchant non-dupe cards you get from TGT until deck lists standardised. I made the mistake of disenchanting Imp-losion very early and have to re-craft them after not getting them from packs again.

The only cards that I'm tempted to craft if I can't get them in packs are Lock and Load because I can see the potential in that and also am interested in trying out a new kind of deck; spell-centric Hunter.

Update: I think Reynad's list does not have enough Shaman cards which I thought had quite a big buff with more totem support cards from TGT, so here is StrifeCro's Top 10 Grand Tournament Cards that will change the game Hearthstone Subreddit discussion for further reference:

2) New TFT Decks from Popular Streamers on Hearthstone Subreddit:

Following up from the first link, I'm most interested in Kolento's Lock and Load deck:

Update: Hearthstone Top Decks has a more comprehensive list: with Reynad's version of Lock and Load deck: I've been checking out the discussion and I've been hearing more praises for Dragon Priest and Shaman totem decks while Lock and Load didn't seem to take off.

Update#2: I've been checking out hearthstone videos and streams and constantly see Secrets Paladin decks that are leveraging on the new TGT Epic card, Mysterious Challenger. (The card was in StrifeCro's list as a wildcard too) It looks to be really strong especially if you can pull out multiple secrets from your deck when you cast him. The Hearthstone Top Decks link above has some decklists on it and here is dotFUEL with a version of the deck that has a higher winrate than Patron Warrior according to him!

*NEW* Update#3: While it is still early days since TGT's release, it looks like we have another deck  like Grim Patron emerging and that is the Secret Paladin, Tempostorm with the Meta Snapshot: It can function with no legendaries as well like Grim Patron so it is a win for all Free-2-play players. Hearthstone Top Decks with a general list:

3) Finally, Kripparrian with his advice on buying TGT packs on Hearthstone Subreddit:

My previous pack buying strategy when GVG came out was to only buy GVG packs and use the extra dust to craft cards required from the Classic set. I managed to create the decks I've listed in a previous post, A F2P-player-who-bought-the-2-Adventure-modes's current Hearthstone Decks as of July 2015 (Added an update on Paladin, Shaman and Hunter), and no longer require GVG packs. I'm still missing Dr. Boom but I'll be moving on to now buy only TGT and use dust for some of the remaining Classic set cards that I'm still missing, follow by Dr. Boom and certain Classic set legendaries. Edit: I'll probably hold off on crafting Dr. Boom or other legendaries as the new decks might not use them...