Friday, August 7, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Summer Event Special Gacha Info (Update with Chibi Valk and Red Sonia uvo info links)

List of cards in REM available at PAD Skyozora in Chinese: link

Translation by astalotte over at PAD subreddit: link

Game8's ratings on the Summer Event cards: link

GameWith's ratings for the new cards:
Beach GSonia: 楽園の緑龍喚士・ソニア

Beach Pandora: 冥夜の令嬢・パンドラ
Beach Urd: 休息の時女神・ウルド
Beach Chester: 夏色の旅行者・チェスター
Chibi DMeta: 神罰の審理者・メタトロン
Beach Awilda: お忍びの王女・アルビダ
Beach DValk: 雪白の美姫・ヴァルキリークレール

UVO Chibi Valk: Info from PAD Subreddit
UVO Chibi RSonia: Info from PAD Subreddit

A breakdown of the lineup with new cards in bold:
6 4★
Chibi Leilan
Chibi Karin
Chibi Meimei
Chibi Haku
Chibi Kirin
Beach Awilda

6 5★

Chibi Lucifer
Chibi Yomi
Chibi LValkyrie
Chibi Lilith
Chibi Hera-Ur
Chibi Hera

5 6★

Chibi RSonia
Chibi LMeta
Chibi DMeta
Beach Chester
Beach Urd

3 7★

Beach Pandora
Beach GSonia

1 8★

Beach DValk

With 14/21 being chibis, it's more like a chibi gacha IMO. As usual with most special REM, the gold eggs are nice to have but not necessary as there are REM counterparts. The biggest exceptions to that are Beach GSonia who is a RSonia but for green attackers and BMetatron with her Leader skill buffs. Overall, it is probably more for collectors and people who IAP.