Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to get Royal Jelly in Guardian Cross

Update 04/2/2013: Okay, I think this looks like a hoax.

Update 09/10/2012: It seems from forum postings around that this is not out in our english iOS version of the game yet.

The title does sound like some health product but no, this is supposedly a Guardian in the game. I posting the main part of the guide to get it here as I have encountered a case whereby I linked something but the webpage was gone.

From garisonmp3z in Rage of Bahamut Forum post:

"-Have completed all the main and subquests.

-Have all the 1-3* star cards in your catalog.

-Have attained at least an A+ rank in Coliseum.

-Have all the special hunter cards from the volcano hunting ground big monsters such as Genbu.

When all these requirements are met you must go into the first hunting field with 1 slot left in your card inventory. ROYAL JELLY will not appear If this requirement is not met.

ROYAL JELLY looks like a regular slime model and will not always be awarded. You may receive a silver slime instead or a normal slime.

ROYAL JELLY has the following stats: 1 of each.

It has two uses.

It can be used as a card in battle and will hit your opponents deck for -20% atk/def/wisdom and agility to all their cards at once.

ROYAL JELLY is easily destroyed in 1 hit so be cautious.

OR ROYAL JELLY can be  used to add 300+ stats to any card for a onetime use only.

After being used ROYAL JELLY will be gone. You can always go hunting for more ROYAL JELLY. However a card enhanced with ROYAL JELLY cannot be enhanced again with it. ALso, only 1 ROYAL JELLY may be used in battle at any time."

I hope this is real!

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guardian Cross Players Beware!!!

This is the screen where you can enter the password to transfer your game to another device, if you haven't notice, the last line is especially important information:

It basically means that the game is stuck to the device that you have played on. It can't be deleted. I think you can still try your luck and email Square Enix with an explanation that you are selling or trading your device but they may or may not entertain such requests as they have already stated so.

I understand that they want to prevent people from creating their own referrals or transfer cards around, but I think there has to be a better way other than locking the game into your device. Even the One Piece AR Carddass Formation game has a delete save data option although I have not tried it yet. To all those who spent a bomb in the game, take note!

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation World 02 App out in App Store now!

The last few days have been particularly quiet with the daily activities in the game. I've been logging in to find no gifts, sales or boss battles. I figured they might be updating stuff in preparation or they are busy with activities for the 02 version which came out in Japan earlier. Well, the update for World version is finally here and I'm currently downloading.

Guardian Cross has been so good and addictive that I'm actually thinking of not continuing with collecting the One Piece cards. I'm finding the Rock, Paper, Scissors game mechanic to be repetitive and tedious. Let's see what version 2 of the game has to offer.

Update: I've tried the game, lots of new stuff in all the sections. My team is called Tag Team and is made up of SR Smoker, Crocodile and Zoro.

- New Title screen logo, achievements, team effects, Big Boss team battle mode, treasures, maps, formation, etc...

- There seem to be a story line to the boss battles now. I've only checked 02 bosses and progress to complete the 02 story on Impel Down. The final boss Magellan is a real pain in the a$$ to take down as he has high defence and an ability to drastically reduce damage.

- The berries rewarded from battle is now around half to 2/3 of the experience awarded. I think it used to be the same amount for both.

- Character level cap increased to over 30. (I think it was previously level 30)

- I've gotten a Tag Team formation but the 3rd character was very hard to position. It is said to increase tag team opportunities.

- I've no idea what the guest team you have chosen do for your team because the words flash by so quickly.

- It cost 1000 Beri to enter the "tavern" and if you back out without choosing any team, I think it may still be deducted. Be especially aware of searching for a team, if you find no team, none is shown on screen and you are left to exit or to search for another team. I think it is rather poorly designed.

Overall, this update is worth it as there are a lot of content added. However, I'm back to Guardian Cross for now!

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guardian Cross Trainer Notes Part 1

I will share my findings about the game in this post and will update along the way as I play more. From here on, I will use "card" to refer to and "Guardian" interchangeably. Add my code: AM86879 when you first start the game and we will both get rare limited-edition Final Fantasy cards!

- Review by with some quick introduction and explanation to the game and gameplay.

-  has various useful guides on the game.

- Hunting tickets are capped at a maximum of 5! The interface did not mark it with a "X/5" like the Coliseum tickets. I lost a couple of Hunting tickets unknowingly.

- It is easier to hunt with the iPad as the Screen is blown up from the iPhone/iPod Touch size making it easier to see and move.

- Action points increases by 1 every 3 minutes which will take 2 and a half hour to completely refill and empty gauge. However, if you want to maximise playtime, you should time to get enough action points to reach your next character level as that will refill your Action Points too.

- Combining cards with the same attribute or of the same kind yields more exp points. It is actually a tip given in the scrolling marquee at the top of the combining screen.

- 1 strategy that I see people using is to level up a single card to a very high level. This will only work if you can get the level high enough. My team was decimated by a single Level 40 Vampire. However, due to the nature of the exp gain through combining, I think it is more efficient to build up a team with different attributes.

- Attributes do play a part in battles so I think it's best not to put 2 cards of the same attribute in a row even if the AI recommends it.

- Excellent guide by Windyfox, that is currently being updated.

- Deck formation tips by stevenc89 over at Touch Arcade forums. Update 20/09/2012: I don't agree about putting a level Rank 1 in there, I think it is a waste of a slot. Cait Sith is a level Rank 3 that can also lower agility and I trained it up to fight pretty well too.

- Use the World Map to skip out of dungeons and towers.

- It turns out my bad luck in real-life booster pack opening continues in this game. After tons of normal hunting, I only manage to get 1 Rank 4 Kraken once.

- I'm not at Rank B+ in the Coliseum, after spending another 1500 coins on special hunting. There are quite a number of teams with a single Level 40-55 cards. You can identify these teams by their lower the average attack points.

- Rank 3 and 4 Cards get all their 3 abilities at around Level 30+.

- Try to settle on a team of the highest rank you can get. Rank 4 is always going to outfight Rank 3 in the end, once you level up high enough.

- I like to use the Field Team recommendation to sort my strongest cards to decide how to arrange them for the Coliseum Team.

- I stopped giving out Silver Slimes to friends made through the game because none of them give any back in return. The game has a high competitive atmosphere. Update 23/09/2012: I managed to receive 2 gifts so far out of my long list of friends.

- I think perhaps Square Enix might have read my note about me having bad luck in this game; I managed to get a Rank 5 Ultra Rare Leviathan in Normal Hunting!!! I've actually read from the hardwarezone forum that someone managed to accomplish it. Never thought it will happen to me too.

Update 25/09/2012: Changed the title as I think this post might go on too long. I'll start a new post since the 1st Coliseum Game has ended and to coincide with the 2nd Coliseum Game.

Link to Part 2

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation 02 packs out for Japan today

It seems their version was already updated in Japan iOS App Store for sometime: Japan app

I de-register all my cards and re-install iOS and after putting the game back on my iPhone, I discover that you just have to scan the cards to get them back at the same level and without having to complete their mission again. (The pop-up message after you register was wrong)

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Guardian Cross card-battle RPG iOS Freemium game by Square Enix

Final Fantasy meets Sniper iOS games meets Pokemon Card Game meets Devil Survivor meets Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Streetpass battle. The game can get quite addictive and I find collecting the "Guardians" cards to be very fun. You have to snipe them in order to get them and I don't enjoy that part much though. The battles are quite brainless and it totally depends on how powerful your team of hunted "Guardians" are.

The interface is designed just right for a small touch screen like the iPhone. The game is also saved in the cloud after you set a password in the configuration screen, which is very convenient, especially with iPhone 5 coming out next week.

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX (Add my code: AM86879 when you first start the game and we will both get rare limited-edition Final Fantasy cards!)

Update 18/09/2012: After 3 days and SGD$4.98 later, I find myself addicted to the game. The card and game artworks are beautiful and although I miss opening packs, the process of hunting for Guardians has began to grow on me. It makes the game such that you need to put in effort and not just money alone, to get your cards.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation 02 Cards Preview

Link from official site

Check out the link from time to time. It is being updated so far with Rares, Uncommons and Commons.

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

One Piece AR Carddass Formation 01 Character Abilities

You can get the character stats and pictures from the Cardlist link I posted earlier. I'll touch more on the character abilities and the missions to obtain the characters. I'm still missing the 2 King Rare cards, Luffy and Acs, as well as Super Rare Nami, Sanji and Chopper but as the abilities and missions get repeated around quite a lot, I should be able to cover most if not all of them.

Update: Full card list except for FPR07 Luffy in Chinese here. Courtesy of One Piece AR Carddass Formation For World 資料館 Facebook page.


- The probability of erasing your opponent Special Move Mark when attacking with Skilled Command.

Cards: F01-02 Luffy, F01-30 Jinbe, F01-47 Crocodile, FPR05 Boa Hanock, FPR02 Shanks

This ability is not bad and it shows as it is only available in Super Rare cards. It is a 2-for-1 move; you can deal damage and stop your opponent from reaching his/her special move criteria. The only problem is you have to win with your Skilled Command.

- The probability of negative "Cut" (Scissors)/"Break" (Paper)/"Strike" (Stone) attacks.

Cards: FP01-03 Luffy (Strike), FP01-10 Nami (Strike), FP01-27 Franky (Cut), FP01-38 Ace (Break), FP01-49 Crocodile (Cut)

I rate this ability highly as for me, it essentially reduces my options to 1 move, the move that will lose to my negated move. This way, I will at least draw and if I lose, I just have to hope that the negation kicks in to prevent any damage. It is better than the damage reduction abilities. The characters are between the Rare to Common slots so the stats are still quite powerful.

- The probability of increase damage when attacking with Skilled Command.

Cards: FP01-04 Luffy, FP01-12 Usopp, FP01-17 Chopper, FP01-28 Franky, FP01-31 Jinbe, FP01-42 Smoker, FP01-48 Crocodile, FPR01 Chopper

The ability is quite straightforward. The only thing I notice is when I use it, the enemy AI keeps on choosing the moves that win against it. This is one of the most common abilities. If a Boss has this ability, it is likely to use his/her Skilled Command as it deals quite a bit of damage.

- Mantra Pose activation probability increased.

Cards: FP01-05 Luffy, FP01-11 Nami, FP01-22 Nico Robin, FP01-43 Smoker, FPR04 Luffy

This is another ability I rate highly but I think due to it's power, it is not found on the more powerful characters so you probably have to train a lot. The highest I have is on an Uncommon Nico Robin. Mantra Pose itself is already akin to cheating as it guarantees at least a draw. If the compass needle is stuck on a move, that is what the opponent AI will be choosing. If the compass needle is wavering between 2 moves, just pick the move that will win out of the 2 to get at least a draw; the AI is choosing between those 2 moves. Thus, this ability basically means to increase the chance of cheating.

- Much more damage inflicted after special move

Card: FP01-06 Zoro

The conditions are a little difficult to achieve. The AI might block most of your commands to the special move and you will never get to enjoy the benefit.

- The probability of great damage when attacking with Skilled Command. 

Update 15/09/2012: I manage to get it to trigger from a non-skilled command. Not sure if it is a game bug.

Card: FP01-07 Zoro

I like this ability a lot and it is a rare one. The AI might attempt to block your skilled command a lot but if the hit connects, it is worth it. The damage is around that of a special move and you can even get critical probability to boot. Up till version 1.1, I think there is a bug as Zoro's cut move sometimes generate the ability's damage level without it activating.

- The probability of increased attack damage when in trouble.

Cards: FP01-08 Zoro, F01-32 Jinbe

I don't think this ability is very good as firstly, you don't want to be in trouble in the first place. Secondly, increased damage is not guaranteed damage.

- The probability of massively increased attack damage when in trouble.

Card: F01-15 Chopper

Similar to above but if you pull it off, it deals huge damage.

- The probability of lowering your opponent's defence when attacking with Skilled Command

Card: F01-14 Usopp

All I remember from using this is that the AI just keep blocking Usopp's skilled command without fail.

- The probability of damage reduction.

Cards: F01-13 Usopp, F01-21 Nico Robin, F01-29 Franky, F01-35 Princess Shirahoshi

This is inferior, in my opinion, to negating a particular command.

- When you form a team, there's a probability that damage inflicted by all will increase.

Cards: F01-18 Brook, F01-33 Jinbe, FPR06 Jinbe

The chance happens at the start each round. I've not experiment enough to figure out if multiple chance happening from different teammates stacks. This ability is quite useful.

- The probability of HP recovery when in trouble.

Card: F01-16 Chopper

This can be a little useful but overall, I favor offensive moves as the attack is the best form of defence.

- The probability of forcibly changing your opponent's Skilled Command when attacking with Skilled Command.

Card: F01-23 Nico Robin

This is an interesting ability. I've never used it yet myself so I can't comment much. The only thing about it is that the AI can choose to block your Skilled Command all day.

- The probability of HP recovery at start of round during team battles

Cards: F01-26 Sanji, F01-45 Vivi

Again, I favor offensive moves but this can still be useful.

- The probability of HP recovery after attacking with Skilled Command.

Card: F01-25 Sanji

This combines attack and defence together and is good as long as the AI does not block your Skilled Command too many times.

- The probability of erasing your opponent's special move mark when attacking with Skilled Command. 

Update 25/09/2012: I used Crocodile and he manages to erase mark once when attacking with a non-skilled command in version 2.0. Either the translation is wrong or the game has a bug,

Cards: F01-30 Jinbe, F01-47 Crocodile, FPR02 Shanks, FPR05 Boa Hancock

- When you form a team, there's a probability that damage received by all will decrease.

Cards: F01-34 & F01-36 Princess Shirahoshi, F01-44 & F01-46 Vivi

This is a defensive ability and I personally favour attack.

- The probability of great HP recovery when in trouble.

Cards: F01-39 & FPR03 Ace

This can be useful if you are losing the battle, giving you a chance to comeback.

- The probability that damage will increase when attacking.

Cards: King Rares; F01-01 Luffy ,F01-37 Ace

This ability, being found only in King Rares, is very powerful as you do not have to use the skilled command to trigger it.

- When attacking with Skilled Command, your opponent's attack weakens. 

Update 15/09/2012: When I was using Smoker, his ability triggered at the start of the round and not after using skilled command. The ability translation must be wrong?

Cards: F01-41 Smoker

I like this ability too as it combines attack and defence. The only weakness is that it has to be your skilled command which the AI can anticipate and block.

- Mantra Pose Activated in the next round after receiving damage from opponent's special move

Cards: F01-09 Nami

At first, I thought the ability was quite good as I thought it was after getting damaged but when I read properly, the effect only happens after getting hit by your opponent's special move. This makes it much less useful.

I've completed the abilities except SR Nami's and SR Sanji's as I do not have the cards. Hope it is useful!

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Monday, September 10, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation Card Trading Updated

Here are the unregistered cards I have and will like to trade for unregistered cards of the same rarity. World version only.

Promotional cards
I have FPR03 Ace or FPR03 Luffy to trade for FPR07 Luffy

Super Rare cards
I have F01-41 Smoker (SR) or F01-06 Zoro to trade for F0-24 Sanji (SR)

Rare cards
I have F01-38 Ace (R) or F01-34 Shiroshira (R) or F01-44 Vivi (R) and willing to trade any 2 of them for F0-24 Sanji (SR).

I'm also looking for both King Rare Luffy and King Rare Ace. We can work out a trade between multiple cards for them. I'll only be able to trade in Singapore.

Contact me. I suggest not to leave your email in the comments as a precaution against spammers.

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

GomuDeck Facebook page

This Facebook page is very informative and even have a few posts about Formation 02. Check out the pictures and videos, especially the Boss and AR Markers photo page.

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation Special Move Clips

If you were to scroll down to One Piece AR Carddass Formation For World 資料館 June posts, a lot of the characters' special move movie clips can be found.

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.