Monday, September 17, 2012

Guardian Cross card-battle RPG iOS Freemium game by Square Enix

Final Fantasy meets Sniper iOS games meets Pokemon Card Game meets Devil Survivor meets Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Streetpass battle. The game can get quite addictive and I find collecting the "Guardians" cards to be very fun. You have to snipe them in order to get them and I don't enjoy that part much though. The battles are quite brainless and it totally depends on how powerful your team of hunted "Guardians" are.

The interface is designed just right for a small touch screen like the iPhone. The game is also saved in the cloud after you set a password in the configuration screen, which is very convenient, especially with iPhone 5 coming out next week.

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX (Add my code: AM86879 when you first start the game and we will both get rare limited-edition Final Fantasy cards!)

Update 18/09/2012: After 3 days and SGD$4.98 later, I find myself addicted to the game. The card and game artworks are beautiful and although I miss opening packs, the process of hunting for Guardians has began to grow on me. It makes the game such that you need to put in effort and not just money alone, to get your cards.