Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation World 02 App out in App Store now!

The last few days have been particularly quiet with the daily activities in the game. I've been logging in to find no gifts, sales or boss battles. I figured they might be updating stuff in preparation or they are busy with activities for the 02 version which came out in Japan earlier. Well, the update for World version is finally here and I'm currently downloading.

Guardian Cross has been so good and addictive that I'm actually thinking of not continuing with collecting the One Piece cards. I'm finding the Rock, Paper, Scissors game mechanic to be repetitive and tedious. Let's see what version 2 of the game has to offer.

Update: I've tried the game, lots of new stuff in all the sections. My team is called Tag Team and is made up of SR Smoker, Crocodile and Zoro.

- New Title screen logo, achievements, team effects, Big Boss team battle mode, treasures, maps, formation, etc...

- There seem to be a story line to the boss battles now. I've only checked 02 bosses and progress to complete the 02 story on Impel Down. The final boss Magellan is a real pain in the a$$ to take down as he has high defence and an ability to drastically reduce damage.

- The berries rewarded from battle is now around half to 2/3 of the experience awarded. I think it used to be the same amount for both.

- Character level cap increased to over 30. (I think it was previously level 30)

- I've gotten a Tag Team formation but the 3rd character was very hard to position. It is said to increase tag team opportunities.

- I've no idea what the guest team you have chosen do for your team because the words flash by so quickly.

- It cost 1000 Beri to enter the "tavern" and if you back out without choosing any team, I think it may still be deducted. Be especially aware of searching for a team, if you find no team, none is shown on screen and you are left to exit or to search for another team. I think it is rather poorly designed.

Overall, this update is worth it as there are a lot of content added. However, I'm back to Guardian Cross for now!

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.