Sunday, April 25, 2010

WC2010 deck updates and Quickdraw Dandywarrior!

In WC2010, I manage to get a Machina Mayhem Structure Deck to create the most competitive deck at this early stage of the game. My decks were Tuner Beat, X-Saber Beat and a recent Gemini Beat as I manage to buy the Warriors' Strike deck in the game. Advent of the Emperor, Warriors' Strike and Machina Mayhem are the best decks to build a competitive deck around in the early game of WC2010.

The Shonen Jump Championship at Edison, New Jersey has started and looking through the articles at the Konami Yugioh Blog, one deck has stand out so far: Quickdraw Dandywarrior. It is mainly a plant deck, like Debris-Hime, with Quickdraw Synchron. All the information and some feature matches are listed here:

Deck Article:

Deck Profile:

Deck Profile (variant):

Feature Match:

Another Feature Match:

One interesting point brought up in the deck article is that Blackwing Shura and Flamvell Firedog cannot get their effects from attacking your tokens! GBs still do, I think.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Improvements in WC2010 over WC2009

- You only have to duel opponent 3 times instead of 5 times to unlock packs
- Your dueling records are available by talking to the characters via their Information option. It is useful to know if you've reach 3 wins for the opponent
- You no longer have to win all structure duels to unlock the sale of structure decks in shops
- You can buy multiple structure decks before completing the game now. Previous game, you could only buy one deck and had to wait till game completion before you were allowed to buy more. (I have Zombie Madness and Warriors' Strike so far after going back to the shop when there was a pop-up for new structure deck and could buy another! I think the number of times to check your menu is after very 10 duels.)
- Racing tracks are more fun and have more items and obstacles

These are some of the few I can think of now. I don't think the Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) is any better though...

One clarification on the Card Password system: To use you need at least to have a copy of the card or 80% of the pack list containing the card, so you don't have to buy multiple structure decks for cards. Password of the card is found on the left bottom corner of the physical card or you can look for the image in the Internet. Looks like it'll be very easy to build Machina Gadget if you can unlock Machina Mayhem structure deck early.

I'll update again as I progress further.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Flamvell decks are good

Jae Kim made 2 posts on his blog,, then indirectly explained why Flamvell decks are good. By Flamvell decks, I refer to Flamvell Cat, Flamvell Monarch and to a lesser extent Flamvellsworns.

This first explains the power of Firedog and also Blackwing Shura. Firedog with 1900 attack is big enough to attack over most monsters while Shura may need help from Kalut:

This next earlier posted on the powerful first turn play made with Gravekeeper's Spy:

Ryko is also another not bad first turn play but it pales in comparison to Spy into Descendant, labelled as "probably the strongest opening turn play". Interestingly, Spies are also a very good answer to Firedogs. (Shura can get help from Kalut)

Now, put the 2 blog posts together and they explain the strength of Flamvell decks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to connect your DS to Nintendo WiFi Connection using a Mac

I just figured this out with the help of this article over at If you are a Nintendo DS owner, uses Mac OS and want to connect to the Nintendo WiFi Connection:

For the Yugioh World Championship games, you are able to download goodies like cards, duelist, duel puzzles and banlists.

Awesome tip for getting cards in the World Championship games by Reaper of Despair at Pojo forums:

In short, buy enough packs to get 80% of the set and use password to buy any card you need from the set. This should save a great deal of DP.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Synchro Cat, Dark Leeroy Challenge and Flamvell Monarch

I was checking out the Official Synchro Cat Thread at Pojo and come across 2 European duelist's names, Michel Grüner and Claudio Kirchmair, who were both running Synchro Cat (or Cat Synchro, whichever you want to call it) in the Dark Leeroy Challenge Tournament which recently took place at Paris. Surprisely, Blackwings and Synchro Cat topped. A breakdown of the top 16 deck can be found here over at strategyjam.blogspot:

The link to the deck list from that blog post leads to a forum which requires registration but I manage to find an alternative at a Peru forum, Yugioh DuelPeru, posted by francisco96:

I hope I did not get any of the names wrong, I do apologize if I did. The top 2 Blackwings featured 2 Rykos, something which CapitalG mentioned over at the Pojo official Blackwings thread. Rykos make good opening plays for Blackwings. A quick look at the top 2 Synchro Cat and they are both using Hamster and Gravekeepers engine. I tried Flamvell Cat before in a video game but I did not like it... which brings me to another Flamvell deck. (Not Flamvell Lightsworn found at the Dark Leeroy Challenge)

I was checking out Dale Bellido's youtube channel and found his Flamvell Monarch

Interesting Flamvell Variant but if I run it, I might try cutting the Rekindling and Pot of Avarice so the deck becomes 40 and less possibilities of dead cards early in the game as there are also 3 Caius in the deck. I normally see Pot of Avarice used in ones for Monarch decks. I will test it out in the video game first!

In a Match against Lightsworn:
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:

Flamvell Magician is released in Tournament Pack Vol. 13 as a normal parallel rare! This means Flamvell decks will be seen in Konami OCG Qualifiers tournament! (Don't quote me on this, please check it out if you are entering the tournament)

Updates: Tried Flamvell Monarchs in a video game and it went ok. I even used 2 Rekindling and 2 Pot of Avarice. I have to add that drawing into 2 Flamvell Magicians in the early game is bad too.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My WC2010 Early Game Deck Guide

I've played until the turf battles and thought I share the deck used so far. It has evolved from the starter deck into a Tuner Beat Deck. Rauzes has posted a deck of that sort in his now defunct The Gaijin Duelist blog, based on Road/Hyper Synchron or Trap Eater/Gale with Battle Tuned card.

I build mine in the game based on card availability as the Starter Deck given is not very strong. I spent most of the DP on the DT packs and the best monsters you can get are Synchros like Brionac, Mist Wurm, AOJ Catastor and Goyo Guardian as well as tuners like Mist Valley Soldier and X-Saber Airbellum. Mist Valley Soldier also works well with the Icarus Attack which I recommend transferring over to the main from sidedeck. When your tuners are all 3-4 stars, you need to use weenies that can survive and the starter deck's Nimble Momonga does the job well. Powered Tuner given in the starter deck also works with so many tuners available.!!
Notable cards: Cyber Dragon, X-Saber Airbellum, Mist Valley Soldier, Brionac, Mist Wurm, X-Saber Urbellum, AOJ Catastor and Dust Tornado!!
Notable cards: Goyo Guardian and MST

Remember to check for the cards available in the packs before buying as the follow their real world counterpart namesake. I recommend buying half a box each time to see if you already get the cards you require. For spell and trap staples, I get them one of the Structure Deck (SD). Zombie Madness makes a good choice for that lone SD you can buy before completing the game as it contains a good number of staples like Heavy Storm and Torrential Tribute. Check the in-game recipe viewer and you will see the cards available in SDs.

Another tip for the game is to talk to everyone you see at least once like RPG games because some Non-Playable Character (NPC) give useful tips and hints. Move to all corners of the area and look out for yellow arrows showing that some objects that can be checked for treasure. I'll update again when my deck evolves again and I think it should be to Lightsworns when Light of Destruction is unlocked later in story mode!

Updates: I manage to defeat Peko, a girl in Satellite, consecutively 3 times in Structure Deck duels (used Spellcaster's Judgement, Warrior's Triumph and Zombie Madness) to unlock Absolute Powerforce. After buying 1 and a half box of those packs, I manage to form an X-Saber Beat Deck, the second deck after Tuner Beat, with the Saber Holes and Garsem and the DT X-Saber monsters. Unfortunately, I could not get a single Hyunlei.