Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Flamvell decks are good

Jae Kim made 2 posts on his blog,, then indirectly explained why Flamvell decks are good. By Flamvell decks, I refer to Flamvell Cat, Flamvell Monarch and to a lesser extent Flamvellsworns.

This first explains the power of Firedog and also Blackwing Shura. Firedog with 1900 attack is big enough to attack over most monsters while Shura may need help from Kalut:

This next earlier posted on the powerful first turn play made with Gravekeeper's Spy:

Ryko is also another not bad first turn play but it pales in comparison to Spy into Descendant, labelled as "probably the strongest opening turn play". Interestingly, Spies are also a very good answer to Firedogs. (Shura can get help from Kalut)

Now, put the 2 blog posts together and they explain the strength of Flamvell decks!