Sunday, April 18, 2010

Improvements in WC2010 over WC2009

- You only have to duel opponent 3 times instead of 5 times to unlock packs
- Your dueling records are available by talking to the characters via their Information option. It is useful to know if you've reach 3 wins for the opponent
- You no longer have to win all structure duels to unlock the sale of structure decks in shops
- You can buy multiple structure decks before completing the game now. Previous game, you could only buy one deck and had to wait till game completion before you were allowed to buy more. (I have Zombie Madness and Warriors' Strike so far after going back to the shop when there was a pop-up for new structure deck and could buy another! I think the number of times to check your menu is after very 10 duels.)
- Racing tracks are more fun and have more items and obstacles

These are some of the few I can think of now. I don't think the Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) is any better though...

One clarification on the Card Password system: To use you need at least to have a copy of the card or 80% of the pack list containing the card, so you don't have to buy multiple structure decks for cards. Password of the card is found on the left bottom corner of the physical card or you can look for the image in the Internet. Looks like it'll be very easy to build Machina Gadget if you can unlock Machina Mayhem structure deck early.

I'll update again as I progress further.