Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guardian Cross Trainer Notes Part 1

I will share my findings about the game in this post and will update along the way as I play more. From here on, I will use "card" to refer to and "Guardian" interchangeably. Add my code: AM86879 when you first start the game and we will both get rare limited-edition Final Fantasy cards!

- Review by with some quick introduction and explanation to the game and gameplay.

-  has various useful guides on the game.

- Hunting tickets are capped at a maximum of 5! The interface did not mark it with a "X/5" like the Coliseum tickets. I lost a couple of Hunting tickets unknowingly.

- It is easier to hunt with the iPad as the Screen is blown up from the iPhone/iPod Touch size making it easier to see and move.

- Action points increases by 1 every 3 minutes which will take 2 and a half hour to completely refill and empty gauge. However, if you want to maximise playtime, you should time to get enough action points to reach your next character level as that will refill your Action Points too.

- Combining cards with the same attribute or of the same kind yields more exp points. It is actually a tip given in the scrolling marquee at the top of the combining screen.

- 1 strategy that I see people using is to level up a single card to a very high level. This will only work if you can get the level high enough. My team was decimated by a single Level 40 Vampire. However, due to the nature of the exp gain through combining, I think it is more efficient to build up a team with different attributes.

- Attributes do play a part in battles so I think it's best not to put 2 cards of the same attribute in a row even if the AI recommends it.

- Excellent guide by Windyfox, that is currently being updated.

- Deck formation tips by stevenc89 over at Touch Arcade forums. Update 20/09/2012: I don't agree about putting a level Rank 1 in there, I think it is a waste of a slot. Cait Sith is a level Rank 3 that can also lower agility and I trained it up to fight pretty well too.

- Use the World Map to skip out of dungeons and towers.

- It turns out my bad luck in real-life booster pack opening continues in this game. After tons of normal hunting, I only manage to get 1 Rank 4 Kraken once.

- I'm not at Rank B+ in the Coliseum, after spending another 1500 coins on special hunting. There are quite a number of teams with a single Level 40-55 cards. You can identify these teams by their lower the average attack points.

- Rank 3 and 4 Cards get all their 3 abilities at around Level 30+.

- Try to settle on a team of the highest rank you can get. Rank 4 is always going to outfight Rank 3 in the end, once you level up high enough.

- I like to use the Field Team recommendation to sort my strongest cards to decide how to arrange them for the Coliseum Team.

- I stopped giving out Silver Slimes to friends made through the game because none of them give any back in return. The game has a high competitive atmosphere. Update 23/09/2012: I managed to receive 2 gifts so far out of my long list of friends.

- I think perhaps Square Enix might have read my note about me having bad luck in this game; I managed to get a Rank 5 Ultra Rare Leviathan in Normal Hunting!!! I've actually read from the hardwarezone forum that someone managed to accomplish it. Never thought it will happen to me too.

Update 25/09/2012: Changed the title as I think this post might go on too long. I'll start a new post since the 1st Coliseum Game has ended and to coincide with the 2nd Coliseum Game.

Link to Part 2

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX