Sunday, August 23, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan version's EVA Collab Gacha Card Info (Updated with Game8 card ratings link)

EVA Collab Ult Stats, Buffs/Changes @JP

GameWith Card ratings: http://パズドラ
*NEW* Game8 Card ratings:

Misato's UVO makes her a very good sub for red teams and is probably the best gold egg for the collab. Regarding skill up cards for the collab REM, only the 2 golds and 2 of the silver eggs, Shinji and Asuka are getting them which makes most of the silver eggs in the collab not that good. Silver egg Shinji is probably going to be the more useful silver egg to use as a sub while Asuka remains the same good low cost leader or red attacker leader to pair with Misato.

The thing about collab silver eggs in general for me is that, unless they have skill up cards available or if their AS is really unique and useful like Baggi, they most probably aren't going to see much use unskilled as there are most probably better cards to pii than them.

Unless you're a fan of Evangelion, I don't really think it is really worth it to roll this collab REM a lot as there isn't anything that is unique and powerful in it. Saving your stones, especially if you are non-IAP, for Godfest is probably a better choice.