Sunday, September 18, 2011

Closing up DS WC 2011

I'm moving on from this game to other games and Tag Force 6 is also looming near. I'll be posting the rest of my decks and most are missing a few cards. I left out the free duel section of the game and covered 3 duels a-piece with a lot of NPCs after-game.

I'll be leaving it like that and only be picking up to play infrequently. Yugioh is getting a little boring with all the standard decks and card plays. I've bought the Marvel Trading Card game for DS on the cheap ($19+) from Bras Basah Popular Bookstore outlet (Singapore) so look out for future posts on that.

I've been using the blogger iPhone app to post and it is working well and very convenient. I'm also more incline to include pictures as the camera is on board. However, I think there is a lack of options for formatting multiple images so my deck postings will come individually each with picture(s). Images only come at the bottom of the post and I don't even have control over their order. I had to repeatedly delete and insert the bottom two pictures until I get the order I want. I'll post my deck(s) from tomorrow onwards.

First off, this is my duel runner and it is most probably final unless I continue to play post-game to source for more parts. For people starting out the game, I will recommend buying these parts from the start going from version to version. I've yet to figure out the parts combi to win those races that decide the start of Turbo Duels!