Friday, September 23, 2011

Tag Force 6 Starter Deck #1 XYZ Rabbit

The deck list is out at yugioh wikia tag force 6 page. It seems like the biggest extra deck ever provided in a game starter. The deck also looks pretty competitive right from the start with quite a lot of good cards and the deck promotes XYZ monsters very well.

Leviair is in there and combos well with Chaos Sorcerer, Rescue Rabbit, Mezuki and Ghost ship. The deck is 42 cards so I suggest reducing to 40 by removing Oni-Gami combo and Star changer spells.

Update: It appears there are more cards in the trunk. You also start with two other decks and there are many good cards to include to boost the XYZ rabbit deck. I'm going to look through and combine them to see what I can come up with!