Monday, January 30, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Bleach Collab (2nd) rolls

I decided to roll a lot for Aizen after I saw Reco clearing difficult dungeons with ease. ( That card is just too broken!

Free roll: Sado (1st copy)

He's mostly used inherited on red teams for speed farming dungeons so I'm OK with the roll and kept him.

Sado (2nd copy)

Sado (3rd copy)

I've sold the other 2 copies but found out later that there are use for dupes as teams actually do inherit a few of them! If you have many copies, consider keeping them! I've not really invested into forming those kind of teams though. One thing's for sure, they are going to cost a lot of red pii-s to max skill.

Matsumoto (1st copy)

I think this was my first copy, anyway I don't think she's really useful and I hardly seen her being used. Sold for MP.

I think I stopped here and then it was announced that there will be increased rates for the rare cards so  I rolled again during Aizen's increase rate day...

Kenpaichi (1st copy)

I read he's a troll gold... anyway, his active and awakenings along with his God typing seems pretty good for Yomi Dragon. I've been searching for a replacement for Okuni after I change him to awoken form and Kenpaichi seems OK. However, I didn't manage to farm up his skill up card although I practically farm the Bleach Collab Dungeon throughout its stay. Sold for MP as I didn't want to pii him...

Kisuke (1st copy)

One of my favourite characters from the anime/manga and unlike Kenpaichi, I managed to max skill Kisuke. He did get a slight buff from being rolled by YamaP on stream but I think he will most likely have a use on ALiu Bei teams as a sub or inherit.

In the end I didn't manage to roll Aizen although you can't expect much without in-app purchasing. It's probably worth to start saving stones for when Bleach Collab returns again.