Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My FF Collab (3rd) rolls (Update on Sephiroth #2)

My most wanted cards from this was Lightning and Sephiroth. With that said, I actually rolled mostly on a Cloud's rate increased day as I figured that since it is increased rates, Cloud is the one which works best with dupes... turns out I was being too optimistic! This is also the first time that a Collab Gacha has increase rates for certain cards if I recall correctly. It is also the start of Gungho giving away a free roll for players at Rank 50 and above.

Rank 50 free roll: Zidane (1st copy)

A note about the rank 50 free roll: they are not part of any increased rates and do not get the plusses if it overlaps with Godfest (can't confirm the latter though but I am quite sure it is so because you are "rolling from a mail")

I managed to max skilled the card but have not used him at all; King tans were already introduced to guarantee skill ups but I didn't had to use any; I farmed up enough for the exact skill-up with King tans and feed the excess skill-up cards directly and managed to max skilled that way first.

I remember when he was first introduced, his team had really high HP because of his LS boosting every stat but it is no longer as relevant now due as we have leaders like that but deal even more damage. The only use now is probably for skill inheritance so I went through a lot of inherit usage and found him used just once; I'm guessing to overwrite some orb skyfall. I am quite tempted to sell for MP eventually if I don't find any use.

Sephiroth! (1st copy)

I wanted him as he's great for all those Mech dungeons (Mech Zeus, Hera, etc). I haven't used him there yet but tried him out on various descended-s and his damage is really high due to his killer awakenings doing work even when I don't hit his full LS multiplier. His gameplay is basically Ra's match 5 colors but with a focus on dark TPAs. I use a team of Fenrir(inherit Sherias)/DMeta/Awoken Okuni/Satsuki. I hardly use him again after the initial try-out but will do so again when I start to focus on the Mech dungeons.

Update: Haven't used him to clear Mech Hera and instead cleared with a Gremory team... He's mostly used as skill delay negator on my Rodin button team for preDra guerrilla dungeon (Tengu/Sephiroth/Kenshin Collab Dungeon Anji/Revo Ra) after I put 2 SDR latents on him.

Update#2: I think he is used more for Mech Zeus... here's Reco's team: and a video of his solo clear:

Onion Knight (1st copy)

Another card I managed to max skill but never had any use for it. The only team that can use him is my Ilm team but I already have Superman, Saria-s and Melissa (Heroine Dungeon Boss). I kept him for a while after this FF Collab was over but eventually sold for MP. The other team that he can work on is Tsubaki but if I ever roll that card, Ilm's subs can be used too.

Ace (X copy)

Sold for MP. I remember having quite a few of him from previous rolls that I sold for MP too.

Vivi (X copy)

Sold for MP. I also remember having quite a few of him from previous rolls that I sold for MP too.

Terra (1st copy)

I never managed to skill her up and that was one of the reason that lead to me selling her. The other was that she is similar to Onion Knight in terms of sub usage for me.

Aemo (unsure)

Sold for MP. I just don't see any use for her.

Vivi (X copy)

Sold for MP.

Ace (X copy)

Sold for MP.

Went back for 2 more rolls on a Lightning-increased-rate day.

Vaan (1st copy)

I heard he is useful for Zeus-dios board (or basically any full-color board other than light and red) to overcome combo shields. I also saw some videos of a player pairing him with Tifa and it seems to work well as they complement each other with each leader's missing stat boost. I'm keeping him.

Ace (X copy)

Sold for MP.

This collab should have a high gold egg rate but what I have been experiencing is a lot of Vivi-s and Ace-s.