Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/16/2016~12/18/2016) roll (Update#2 on Ana-Typhon)

4x rates for all Godfest exclusives but they are all evolved. I'm guessing the rates and rarity are in such a way that the overall probability is still "balanced"...

Typhon! (1st copy)
Only rolled once and was very lucky. The UVO form is probably better as a sub due to the lower cooldown which is better for inheriting skills (recently even got a further 1 turn reduction in cooldown during the Shonen Sunday stream) while the Ana-version is a better leader. I have Juggler to fill his spot in Gremory team thus I decided to make him into the Ana-version.

I tried some high end dungeon with her like Ra Dragon Guerrilla and Mech Hera but couldn't complete them mainly due to running out of hearts and active to make them. My teams always use Satsuki for the TPA damage but since she doesn't make hearts, it could be the reason why I run out of them so I probably have to rethink how I build her team. A Xin Hua purchase looks tempting again as I now have her and Gremory... I've also noticed that when refreshing the stranger list, I hardly find people leading with Ana-Typhon. She doesn't seem very popular nowadays as I have no problem searching for Red Odins, Ilms (especially), Gremory, etc, most of the time.

Update: I've been using Ana-Typhon on Gremory team for farming Standard and Conditional Descends and she functions fine. You can expect a one-time use of her active and that's it, which is OK for short dungeons. She's probably going to be replaced if possible as I will probably inherit a boardchange active instead of using her.

It's also quite hard to find friend leaders for her so it's a little tempting to switch back to the previous evolution and take the dark pii lost... 9 CD vs 13 CD is a lot and it makes him in line with Yomi Dragon's and A.Pandora's active CD. If I turn her back, it will be the second time I do it for an Ana evolution; I change Ana-Ceres back for the reincarnate evolution (Revo) as I wanted to lead with that instead. However, Ana-Ceres' full bind clear can be useful in the Radar Dragon Guerrilla while I hardly use Revo Ceres so it was quite a waste of green pii-s plus I can no longer change Revo Ceres back to Ana-Ceres!

Update#2: There is also another factor in the team cost as she is 10 cost higher and you might not be able to use some of the manic badges.