Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Fist of North Star Collab (4th) rolls

I rolled a bit more as I wanted to get back Shew for inherited random board skill after selling him for MP.

Rank 50 Free roll: Nanto (1st copy)

I think the use for him is a low CD 5-turn inheritable red orb enhance for Red speed farming teams. Keeping him.


There might be a case for multiple Nanto but I'm not really seeing it so I sold for MP.


Sold for MP.

Juza (1st copy)

I read his nuke can take out Dub-Metalit so I'm keeping just in case. Might eventually sell him as I'll probably never form or use that speed farming button-team for Monday Dungeons.

Thouzer (1st copy)

There's a lot of buzz about this card as his active is very unique. He can enable combos on non-light full single color boards so he's definitely useful. Keeping him.

I didn't manage to get Shew in the end but in hindsight with the orbs unlocking actives introduction, I probably don't need him anymore.