Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Evangelion Collab (Dec 2016 Revival) rolls

I wanted Rei-Miru even if her LS is hard to activate as I already have blue Miru, thus want to continue the "Miru" collection. When Misato-Leilan was announced I thought it was a evolution version and I will regard selling her but it turns out she's a new card. (I actually sold Misato as that was during the time of the MP dragons and she wasn't God-type for Shiva Dragon and I hardly use her)

Rank 50 Free roll: Shinji-scheat (1st copy)

I manage to max skilled Shinji-scheat. Shinji is another card I sold because there weren't much use for him, even though he got an evolution form. I'm definitely keeping this copy as the design is much more useful and he can be used on blue TPA teams as well as Dark Athena.

Misato-Leilan (1st copy)

I get Misato again although this is another form. I do not have any copies of Leilan so the active might be useful in the future. Keeping her.

Mari-Ceres (1st copy)

I got her maxed skilled but have not needed to used her. Her 2 SBR might be useful in team building. Keeping her around longer.

Kaworu-Kali! (1st copy)

I got him instead of Rei-Miru and he's probably the better card at that rarity. My first Dark Kali active card plus he is usable directly on Ra Dragon teams. He's also great for Revo Ra although I hardly use that leader nowadays. Rolling him just paved the way for me to buy Ra Dragon as I also have Indra, Isis and Kanna....

Rei Ayanami (1st copy)

I don't think she's very useful but those auto-heal awakenings means she might be useful on Green Odin teams. I like the art a lot too so I can't bare to sell her yet...

I think I also got a silver egg Kaworu roll (Xth copy) in there and sold for MP immediately.