Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (12/31/2016~01/03/2017) rolls

Can't really remember the days I went for the rolls other than my first roll as it was a Day 1 featured card. This was the Godfest that introduced the new 3 Kingdom 2.0 pantheons that unlocked orbs and the 2 new Godfest Exclusives, Fujin and Raijin with useful actives as well.

Gremory! (2nd copy)

The 2nd copy was really the difference that made my Gremory team stable, along with the buffs from stream.  Although she does not have haste, her low CD means I have just enough to cycle through my actives for her team. Team subs were then: Yomi Dragon/APandora/Juggler or Ana-Typhon or Lumiel if I'm farming special descended with preDras/Gremory.

Leeza (1st copy, I think)

She's always have a use as you can setup the board and use her actives to create 2 more combos, especially with Anubis to turn them to dark orbs. She's now used in ALiu Bei teams. Keeping her.

Ma Chao! (1st copy)

I'm happy with any of the cards from the new pantheon for the active. The dark card is useful for Dark Athena and the green one which I have now, can be used in a pairing with the new UVO Odin Dragon. Might find use on AKushinada team against Zeus +297 dungeons but I have not pii or used him yet. Definitely keeping.

Thumberlina (Xth copy)

There is a use as an inherit onto either of the Mirus so I'm holding onto her at the moment even though I have sold some copies before. I don't use AIsis on Blue Miru as I prefer orb changers and binds are definitely one of the main weakness for her team. Light Miru is slightly less susceptible as there are quite a few unbindable light subs for her. I'm still a little tempted to sell her for MP eventually.