Sunday, February 5, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (01/31/2017~02/02/2017) rolls

Lineup was 5x all GFEs... I all in my free stones for day 2 hopping to get a Dark Kali...

Day 1

Sea Serpent

Sold for MP. The horrible luck from previous Godfest continues...

Day 2

Rei Sirius

Sold for MP.

Fire Dragon Swordsman

Sold for MP.

Dark Dragon Swordsman

Sold for MP.

Gremory! (3rd copy)

There's not much use for a 3rd copy until her split evolutions come later but I'm keeping her anyway.
Gremory team subs are now: Yomi Dragon/APanda/Gremory/Gremory. The team does have a lack of Skill boosts so I'm definitely keeping APanda in the team. 2 of Gremory's actives can actually function as a "board change" but I have Ishida inherited on the leader Gremory, just in case.


Sold for MP.


Sold for MP. I actually kept her

Loki! (1st copy)

Not seen much nowadays. His awoken form does have 2 SBR and 2 TPA which can be useful on Dark Athena. Hopefully the reincarnate evolutions improves his usage further.

Snow White

Similar to Thumbelina but will be an on-colour inherit for Blue Miru and will provide stat boosts. Keeping her around for the moment.