Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM rolls (Update with side-note on Melissa)

Card info:

Free roll: Barbara

It turns out that my best roll was the free roll on hindsight. I kept thinking that I had to use Antares as I mistaken Barbara for being red type like Red Sonia but completely forgotten I actually can use Eschamali and Hamal. Barbara is my first lead of the type that "clear more than 3 connected orbs" and although a little restrictive in subs but seems quite powerful. I haven't used her yet as I wanted to use only when I have all machine subs. (OCD?) There was only 1 up in my existing friends during the GFE Heroine REM period and none now so she isn't "popular" in my list.


She makes an ok sub for Barbara, I seen an Arena run with 4 Kuvia subs, and in red teams but my red teams are not developed other than Xiang Mei. She might be a possible inherit for Xiang Mei subs. I haven't used her once.


A boardchanger is always useful and she also has nice killer awakenings. I could use her in my dark combo leaders but like most of the cards in this set, I have existing subs with more awakenings. I think the upcoming evolutions in February will probably add more awakenings to the cards and make them more useful.

I wanted to roll more because to try to get Meridionalis but didn't because I think when the evolutions are announced in February, the REM should be back. She is a top tier leader and the best card in the set and not Ilumina and Elgenubi that most people focused on before release. (Elgenubi is seen a lot as a sub for Shiva Dragon teams though)

Side-note: Melissa, the dungeon boss and Ilmina skill-up fodder, is one of the few non-REM card that I use frequently; she has a place in my Ilm team: Superman/Saria/Melissa/Awoken Ama, and functions really well as I do not have more Ilms.