Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan PCGF (2/18/2017~2/21/2017) rolls (Edit about buying boxes)

Marine Rider (2nd copy?)

Sold like previous copy. On hindsight, might have been useful to keep as we are getting more bicolor leaders like Awoken Amon who could have used him. The active skill is a lot better than before. I still think it is not a top tier sub because of lower stats.

Ars Nova (1st copy)
I'm keeping this one as her UEVO was coming being announced soon at that time. I also intend to keep her for her active as it was buffed since the original introduction and is generally more useful. (I also sold Goetia before the buff) Their actives are great for leaders that requires "5 orbs with at least one enhanced orb".

Unicorn Rider (xth copy)

Sold like the previous copies.

PCGF Rank 50 free roll: Red Chester (1st copy)

He used to be very desirable because of those 3 skill bind resist. I'm keeping him as those might be useful plus he has a lot of awakenings now, although I do already have Beach Chester.

It seems my luck are all with special REMs... After all these disappointing rolls in REM, I actually use some of the free stones for boxes instead and increase my box space from 600~650 to 700. With the increase in space, I could keep a copy of each descended boss drop for future evolution usage. I'm also least likely to sell REM rolls that I do not want immediately and keep more of them, in case they become useful in the future. Edit: I have quite a few teams complete and usable so there is more value in increasing your box space over rolling the REM. I don't necessarily need more cards other than wanting something new or to try out a new leader skill...